John Krasinski admits that his children think Emily Blunt is ‘cooler'

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Los Angeles, May 19 (IANS) Actor-filmmaker John Krasinski shared that his children Hazel and Violet think their actress-mother Emily Blunt is much cooler than he is.

"When they found out that I was going to do it, it was really exciting because it was the first time that I had ever involved them in anything,” Krasinski told

"I was pretty sure that they thought I was an accountant before this because their mom was Mary Poppins and in 'Jungle Cruise'. So she was off to a very biased start with our girls."

The actor, who is a part of 'IF', his new animated fantasy film, observed that his children "disappear into a magical world that we, as parents, aren’t allowed into", reports

"I said to Emily, ‘That would make an amazing movie'," he added.

The actor also recalled that the pandemic became a turning point for his children, who were pivotal in the production process of the film.

Krasinski said: "I was just sketching all the IFs as I was writing, and I would show them. I’m a terrible artist, so then once I started interfacing with real artists and talking about how it would really look, they got really excited."