Josh Lucas calls 'The Black Demon' a classic shark adventure with family at its core

IANS Photo

IANS Photo

Mumbai, September 5 (IANS): Actor Josh Lucas, has called his latest sci-fi-thriller film, ‘The Black Demon’ a classic shark adventure, which has the essence of family at its core.

Elaborating on this point, the actor said, “’The Black Demon’ is a classic action-adventure shark story. And without a doubt, one of the things I think that makes it special is that it's got a family, a young family at its core.

“So hopefully, it's a movie that kids love. It's a movie that hopefully parents will love. I partly made this movie because I have a nine-year-old boy who loves these kinds of movies."

The film follows the family of Paul Sturges (Josh Lucas) and his family who get stranded on an oil rig, which harbours the vengeance of a very angry Megalodon. The  creature is believed to be a herald of an ancient Aztec god and kills the greedy.

As such, the behemoth has been circling the oil rig of El Diamante, attacking and killing anyone that gets close, bringing down nature’s wrath upon them.

The actor drew parallels with the legendary ‘Jurassic Park’  and said “We saw ‘Jurassic Park’ movies a few days before I got this script. The first scene - in that one of them is Megalodon, right? And so in this movie, we have a giant Megalodon shark, an ancient shark, who is haunting the movie and has been sort of cursed on this oil rig in this part of the land by an angry God.

“And it's a very amazing story of, you know, nature versus man versus environmental problems that we're all facing all kinds of colliding together, hopefully in a really fun action film.. a really fun kind of scary action film,” he added.

‘The Black Demon’ is directed by Adrian Grünberg with a screenplay by Boise Esquerra. The film stars Josh Lucas, Fernanda Urrejola, Julio Cesar, Cedillo, Venus Ariel and Carlos Solórzano.

Distributed by Lionsgate, ‘The Black Demon’ is set for its OTT debut on September 8, 2023 and will stream on Lionsgate Play.