Just a random thought

Hanso Chang

For the past few days the issues concerning the student community of Sao Chang College have circled the media fraternity and the people. The students of Sao Chang College are struggling everyday for their basic education which indeed is one of the ugliest drawbacks in the system of education. Today's modern society demands or requires likeminded people, educated and civilized people. However, with such a poorly developed environment with zero amenities how can one grow up to be a responsible man and woman. Every right thinking citizen of Tuensang Town must step in to help our students who have been crying out loud yet time and again their voices are left unattended. To help the students’ community at this juncture is a must. It is not their demand alone but it is for the people of Tuensang. I have a gut feeling that some of the students must be frustrated over the functioning of the "system" leaving aside their personal problems. Try to see from their perspective they are being challenged mentally and emotionally in everyday life. Hustling for a bright future yet the struggle remains the same. What else can they do? Stage a protest, be in the news frontline for a day or two and after that back to square 1. I think that's not fair enough, the civil societies and the apex organizations must intervene for early solutions to the problems of the student community. We need not apply rocket science ideas to this issue. It's just that we all have been ignorant for long but it's never too late for a change. 

Meanwhile, the concerned department should know that Sao Chang College is the only educational institution for degree courses within Tuensang and that such inconvenience can result in poor performance of the student. And that the issue raised by the students’ community is not a new thing; it has been more than a decade. For how long the innocent student has to suffer for the ignorance by the department and the state government. It's high time the Government under the dynamic leadership of our Chief Minister should also have a peek on this 'ant' like issue and relieve the students from this decade long hurdle.