Khango Konyak may join NSCN (IM), reports say

Morung Express News
Dimapur | August 19  

Reports suggest that former chairperson of NSCN (K), Khango Konyak, “along with his loyalists” may join the NSCN (IM).  

The Economic Times has reported today that “a senior NSCN (IM) leader confirmed” to the news site that “Khango and his supporters will join NSCN (IM).” The NSCN (IM) is currently in political talks with the Government of India to find a solution to the Indo-Naga conflict.  

It may be reminded that Khango Konyak was elected chairperson of NSCN (K) last year after the death of SS Khaplang but was recently, allegedly, “removed” by the outfit. The Times News Network earlier reported that “Indian intelligence agencies” saw “this development as a blood less coup by Myanmar-origin Naga member of NSCN (K) to throw out an Indian-origin Naga leader.”  

It also reported that “the outfit has given Khango a safe passage to go wherever he likes without any harm.”  

The Naga Republic, however, reported that “no such coup happened as reported and that two Konyak cabinet members as well as others from India side were still at Taga CHQ. It was alleged that the report of the coup was done ‘under Indian influence to create confusion’.”  

Further, The Naga Republic was informed by sources that the “Khaplang group decided on the change of leadership and a new chairman took over” and that “the NSCN K) was intact.”  

Khaplang’s nephew, Yung Aung, was elected as the new chairperson by a majority vote on August 17 in Myanmar.  

Now, a senior leader of the NSCN (IM) has spoken to the Economic Times.  

“Presently Khango is coming from Myanmar. We are ensuring that he is not attacked on the way,” he said, hinting that the NSCN (IM) is providing the Khango-team safe passage.  

A ‘security analyst’ meanwhile told the Economic Times that “Yung Aung’s selection signals comeback of Myanmar's Nagas in the Khaplang outfit.”  

While it remains to be investigated if NSCN (K) drew colonial lines like Myanmar Naga-Indian Naga, one can deduce from what is reported that it is a matter of time that Khango Konyak and team will emerge in public soon if they are being given safe passage by the NSCN (K) and helped by the NSCN (IM).