KUM appeals to accommodate stranded Myanmar Konyak Nagas in Nagaland

Dimapur, May 30 (MExN): The Konyak Union Myanmar (KUM) on Saturday pointed out that the lack of medical personnel and facilities, vehicular roads and other basic essential services in the region and requested that stranded Myanmar Konyak Nagas be accommodated in quarantine facilities in Nagaland. 

In a press release issued on May 30, KUM President and General Secretary stated that the border area is the “darkest place in the world” in terms of development. We have no doctors, no nurses, no medical facilities, no vehicular road, no educated person, no proper school, no essential shop, not coverage media information and totally nil in development, the release stated.

As such, the KUM appealed to the Konyak Union in Mon as well as the public across Nagaland to protect Myanmar Konyak Nagas from the pandemic. Stating that Myanmar Konyaks in the villages are fearful “due to lack of human necessities” it also requested its members who are stranded outside to stay back wherever they are.

We have no options for protection, precaution and arrangement of quarantine facilities for our Myanmar Konyak Naga people who are stranded, it said, while requesting that its members be accommodated in Quarantine Centres in Nagaland till the COVID-19 pandemic ends.

Further, the KUM also expressed gratitude to the civil society organizations based in Mon district, village authorities, individuals, medical staff and the district administration for helping its members reach their native villages earlier in April.