Lay out ‘post accord arrangement’: NSF

DIMAPUR, AUGUST 7 (MExN): The Naga Students’ Federation (NSF) has expressed concern at the “continued division among the Nagas even at this crucial juncture of peace talks,” and urged all parties to lay out clearly the “post accord arrangement.”

A press release from the NSF  President, Ninoto Awomi and Vice President, Dievi Yano said that the “milestone achievement” by the Government of India, NSCN (IM) and WC NNPGs has shown “extraordinary statesmanship, political acumen, patience and  equilibrium” by concluding formal talks on October 31 “for an inclusive solution covering all Naga inhabited areas.”

This, it stated has taken the Naga political journey to a “new level of political understanding with a bonhomie environment and genuine intentions to pave way for ushering peace, development removing the socio economic imbalance in all Naga  areas on the basis of co-existence and mutual respect between two entities.” 

It therefore cautioned against any “short-sighted propaganda” which facilitates “ism, confusion and conflict in Naga areas.” 

“The Naga public will respect whoever facilitates for the honorable solution and are also watchful to observe that in all Naga contiguous areas the armed struggle is put to rest, with space for unresolved issues to be pursued with the passage of time, without losing sight of the unique Naga Political History and the cherished common dreams in the future to live together under the same nation,” it added.

It appealed to the NSCN (IM) and the WC NNPGs to “lay out the clear post accord arrangement, governance model and ideology which has been clearly agreed and accepted by GoI in the table.” 

“We believe that we have crossed the stage to be making political assumptions or interpretations as any negotiation or agreement can be legally binding and conclusive if both parties mutually accept i.e., GoI and the Naga Political Groups.

To ink the final agreement, it needs to be deliberated with transparency on what is best to be taken for the Naga society in the present political context, which has been agreed by GoI and Naga political groups,” the NSF said. 

As a peoples’ movement, the NSF said that the entire Naga youth and the Naga people should have a say by disclosing the agreed points and deliberate the points. It also urged the Government of India to give genuine efforts and political will towards resolving the Naga issue and appealed to the Interlocutor to take the peace talks ahead with all seriousness, sincerity and empathy. 

“Early accord should usher in good governance, accountability and sustainable development, which is the key result area to achieve our aspirations towards our common goal,” the NSF said.

It meanwhile affirmed that the federation will uphold “Naga identity until our ultimate goal of sovereignty and integration is achieved.”