Laziness a bane to youths in Naga Society


Catherine Kulnu

Asst Prof, St Joseph's College, Jakhama

Money is the root cause of evil people say. But according to me laziness is the root cause of evil. According to the Catholic principles being lazy is a sin. The reason is if one person is lazy than he/she neglects the duties assigned to them even though it is at their capacity to do or help others.

Laziness is like a mallet which struck the people especially the youths of today. These days many youths are seen loitering around doing nothing. When asked, “Kote Jai Ase? Enebiraiase” (Where are you heading to? Just roaming) or, “Ki kuriase? Enebohiase” (What are you doing?  Just sitting). These words became the theme words among our youths. Even the educated people remain idle. ‘An idle mind is the devil's workshop.' Thus people become lazy and sluggish day by day. 

Many youths are suffering from lack of employment opportunities. Government Jobs are the only focus of our youths in general. For example clearing the Exams like NPSC, UPSC, SSC and so on are considered a must and the only way to get employed.

Some people lack employability both in the public as well as in the private sector because of the absence of required qualifications. Some never got the opportunities due to lack of finances or no support. There are some who get opportunities but never strive to achieve, and these are the people I would rather say are ‘lazy'. Easy money is so much appreciated.

Depression is the next important level once a person is unemployed. People tend to do things to get money through fair and foul means. As a result it leads to many unwanted and unexpected situations, even to the extent of taking up one's own life. This is the real tragedy of our present society.

In reality there are many ways to make a living if we are not lazy. Government jobs are not the only jobs for sustainability. In order to be happy one needs to be self-sufficient and independent. Dignity of labour is the essence of success, and humility is the base foundation for every successful career. Hardwork is the beauty behind every successful person.

Therefore let me take this privilege to encourage the youths to wake up from your slumber today. Never to be disappointed or depressed. Opportunities knock at everyone’s door once in a while. Grab that opportunity. Make the best use of your ability and you will see changes happening in your life.

In conclusion, I would like to challenge our youths to take one step at a time and walk out of your comfort zone and not to give up on your dreams. Believe in yourself and also put your trust in God. Getting a job or not doesn’t matter much but being happy and satisfied with your life is the greatest. Thank God in all circumstances. But the saying goes, ‘God helps those who helps themselves.’