Meet the designers from ARDOUR/Fall Winter 2019

Meet the designers from ARDOUR/Fall Winter 2019
Meet the designers from ARDOUR/Fall Winter 2019

Meet the designers from ARDOUR/Fall Winter 2019


Our Correspondent
Kohima | October 13 


The works of ten designers including one brand (Runway NE)  was showcased at the  fashion show-ARDOUR, Fall Winter 2019 organized by Novaturient Management on October 12 at RCEMPA Jotsoma.

The designers included Sanjeev Tamang, Asang Quiens, Naga AZ Creations, Runway NE, Mephruwe Akami, Neisavinuo Rupreo, Wulo Akami, Mansha Aomeshu, Munye, Hetoli Saghelimi and Achunbo Chawang.

All designers & one Korean Skincare brand, Puremind showcased their designs and products for sale and appraisal after the show.


Sanjeev Tamang is a 26 year old bachelor student in fashion design from Amity school of Fashion technology, New Delhi. Also a graduate with BBA degree from St. Joseph’s Jakhama, Nagaland. An  Apprentice to none other than Nitin Bal Chauhan, member of fashion Design Council of India and India’s top Avant-garde designer Prashant Verma. Winner of Alankrit(NIFT New Delhi), MTNL national youth fest New Delhi and Nagaland Fashion Week (novice category).

‘Angel in Dilemma’, is inspired by the expression of life, that we all end up needing an angel but the collection encourages us that we could be that angel for ourselves. We are free to make our own decisions and choose our own path. Red, black and white is the inspired palette for “Angel in Dilemma.  The collection coax us to stop searching for a perfect life and live the imperfection of life happily and continue abiding in the eyes of the sentient even after we leave this temporary life.


Asang Quiens, 29 years old is a passionate self taught designer based in Kohima, receiving accolades for her participation at Miss Yimchunger(YSU), Miss Yimchunger (WYSU), Miss Eastern Nagaland and Miss Kohima. Quiens uphold her magnificent garments- an old time trends redefined for all ages with dignity and integrity.

The collection themed,’ regal’, is inspired by personifying you and me as Royals. Quiens takes an artistic approach in interpreting you and me ranked as royalty and thus,’ Regal’ crux equality with a sense of royalty; the graceful refinement, alluring in movement and in bestowal.


Naga AZ creation was formed in the year 2019,an alumni with diploma in fashion textile and technology from house of fashion, Dimapur. Naga AZ creation is teamed with ingenious minds of Holito Yeptho, B. Liang Phom, Khosalu Chase and Dinthailu Marak.

The collection themed,’ Avant-garde vintage’,  is inspired to manifest the love for what is old. This collection encompasses versatile accessories and vintage silhouettes with a modern touch. The collection aims to preserve and recycle fashion products by reconnecting the bygone days when fashion was simpler. Avant-garde vintage is the best possible alternatives, who lives for old style but prefer a modern interpretation.


Runway N.E is a women’s premium clothing brand which was started in 2011 as a retail store in Safdarjung, Delhi. It was named as Runway NorthEast (N.E) as a tribute to its main customers, the fashion divas of northeast of India. Over the years Runway N.E has dominant clientele from Northeast and became the most popular women’s fashion store in Delhi among the North-eastern ladies, providing a product line of women’s western clothing, shoes and bags. Now Runway N.E has its franchised stores in Delhi, Manipur, Mizoram,Nagaland, Meghalaya and Arunachal Pradesh.

The main motive of Runway N.E is to empower women to lead bold and full lives by contributing latest fashion designs at an affordable rate in the fashion scene of Northeast.


Mephruwe Akami, 24 years old belonging to Chizami village did her 1 year basic fashion design diploma from Govt. Polytechnic Kohima. An experimentalist by nature she believes fashion can be an introduction of oneself. She participated at Nagaland fashion week, vogue entertainment fashion night, August Rush and Miss Phek.

The collection themed,’ black is the new black’, inspired by the darker take on elevated everyday wear. The designer loves the idea of drawing beauty from shades and believes colour black can never be replaced be it in the runway or in the construction of wardrobe. ‘Black is the new black’ feels true to us as one is never underdressed in black.


Neisavonuo Rupreo, belonging to Angami community based in Kohima is an alumni of The Global Open University Dimapur with BBA degree in fashion technology. She was the official designer for Miss Dimapur 2018, Miss Phek 2018 and top model girls Nagaland 2018. Displayed her designs at Nagaland Fashion week 2018 and Khruphi fall winter 2018.

The collection themed, ‘Ex Post Facto’, is inspired by the reminiscent of vintage fashion. With vintage fashion in demand, the collection exudes unique designs and extra elegance to make it relevant for the present time. Galvanized by the pink palette, ‘Ex Post Facto’, portrays romance and tenderness.


Wulo Akami, a 22 year old from Chizami village. An artist who believes in keeping our rich culture alive through his paintings, and to instil the feeling of one’s own identity and be proud of who we are.

The collection themed,’ Ancestral Echo’, is inspired by the richness of our cultural and traditional attire with its symbolic and spiritual significances.’ Ancestral Echo’, accentuates the traditional beauty and mysticism into today’s fast fashion world by painting them with fine art designs.


Abe Veswuh is the creator of Munye handmande Nagaland, established on august 2018. Perceived for her contemporary Naga traditional design and quality with sophistication, which has attracted a devoted clientele and industry accolades from around the world exporting to South Korea, Singapore, Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur, Hyderabad, Pune, Guwahati, Itanagar, Shillong and Nagaland.

The collection is themed,’ folk pinion’, which is inspired by our rich tradition and culture with a modern twist to it. The collection conceptualizes a resonance of our beautiful and timeless traditional jewellery with a modern flare. ‘Folk Pinion’, believes in bringing each individual with their own sense of rhythm, movement and style for everyday use.


Mansha Aomeshu, 25 years old is a graduate in English literature and a freelance self-taught designer based in Kohima. She debuted as a designer at the North East India Fashion week 4th edition 2019 and co-founder of label Rhi-He Teih meaning crafting dreams. She was the official designer at Miss KSUK 2019.

The collection themed,’ Kaleidoscope’, is inspired by our vibrant indigenous patterns and textiles and also Japanese and Chinese attire. True to the theme, the collection is personated by a kaleidoscope of hues accompanied with hand embroidery and beads work. Kaleidoscope grail aesthetic to the eyes and reposeful on the body.



Achunbo chawang, 25 years old is a self-taught designer based in Delhi, receiving accolades from Nagaland, Manipur, Punjab, Delhi and Bangkok for his illustrious design works. The collection themed,’ Gatsby’, is inspired by the movie,’ the Great Gatsby’.

The collection represents vitality, wealth and growth but mostly intrigued by all the design elements of the roaring twenties and uses a couture approach as a backdrop for a captivating story of love, hate, greed and identity with a bit of an individuality.


Hetoli Saghelimi, 29 years old is an avid and passionate designer with bachelor degree from Bangalore University also did her 1 year diploma course in fashion design from Kolkata NIFT. And had the pleasure as an apprentice to the ace designer Pooja Mahajan from Delhi.

The collection themed,’ Legion Coalescence’, is dominantly inspired by Asian culture with a touch of west. Asian cultural style being accented with exceptional sense of colours, patterns and texture the designer made an aesthetic approach by integrating it with western styles.’ Legion Coalescence’, is displayed with intricate appliqué and bead works, refinement of drapery and unconventional pattern work. This collection is cater and styled with semi casual and semi formal line where east meets west.

Models of Ardour – Fall Winter 2019

The 20 female and 10 male models who walked the ramp of 11 designers includes; Imnajungla Jamir, Keneisenuo Kuotsu, Kevilenuo Miachieo, Khriezokhonuo Kire, Kikrukhrie Pielie, Krowe Dianu, Kuno Resüh, Lovi Awomi, Medokhrienuo Seyie, Monikha Gogoi, Montsobeni Kikon, Neisevono Zashümo, Ngasanuo Seyie, Panglih Konyak, Rini Kapfo, Thejanuo Terhase, Vekhotolu Lohe, Vimenuo Ngacü, Viphrotsüno Ayie, Wekuteu Lasushe, Alemyangba Jamir, Ashish Pradhan, Ayeluto.H. Awomi, Henry Lenthang, Inoka Shikhu, Lipokyanger Jamir, Metjei Phom, Mhathung Kikon, Subrata Dhar and Toshiwapang Jamir

Team behind the event

The official photographer for the event was Terholhi Tsuha and Rüprüvizo Koso as official videographer, Johnny D’ Ascoli as official make-up artist.

The event was powered by Task Force for Music & Arts, Government of Nagaland and co-powered by - TECH Build, Kohima.

The event co-sponsors includes New Chari departmental store, Kohima, Big Bite, Kohima, Nail Studio Professional, Kohima, Theja Sekhose Store, Kohima, Ever After, Kohima, Go-getters, Kohima, Fancy Market, Kohima, Symphony Cafe, Kohima, Godrej- Fira Furniture & Furnishing House, Kohima, The social, De oriental Grand, Kohima D/café , Kohima Unlimited, Maternity & Children Store, Kohima, Sappho, Beauty & Wellness, India Puremind , South Korea  Care and class, South Korea and Lady Ruo, Kohima

Event partners: Digital Media, print media partner- The Morung Express, Print partner- The New Colours graphics, stage lighting partner- Headlight, stage led partner -Encore led, Dimapur

Venue partner: RCEMPA, Stage gear partner- Bentosh Truss & Barricades and Sound- Life Pro.