More grieve CPO Vice President’s demise

Dimapur, April 11 (MExN): Following the demise of Vehushu Medeo, Vice President of the Chakhesang Public Organization (CPO) on April 10 at NHAK, Kohima, condolence messages from various organizations poured in on Sunday.

CCLB: The Chokri Chakhesang Literature Board (CCLB) conveyed its heartfelt condolence at the demise of late Medeo, and described him as someone “who possessed the real character and identity of Chakhesang…”

The condolence note issued by CCLB Chairman Ariyi Nienu and Information Secretray Kuzhovesa Soho,  stated that late Medeo was a man with high integrity and also a man of patriotism in the Naga National cause. The vacuum created by his demise will be hard to be filled, however, the legacy left by him will never be forgotten, the CCLB said.

The Board prayed for solace and comfort to the bereaved family members and for the departed soul to rest in peace.

CHK: Grieving the demise, the Chakhesang Hoho Kohima (CHK) President Theja Therie and General Secretary Sakhohu Vadeo stated that late Medeo is known for straight forwardness, courage in standing for the truth and love for his community.

“Late Medeo left many good memories and his legacy will go a long way in the annals of Chakhesang history,” the Hoho stated and extended heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family members. It also prayed for the departed soul to rest in peace.

CWA: The Chakhesang Wrestling Association (CWA) expressed sadness at the demise of a tall public leader like late Medeo.

In a condolence note jointly appended by CWA President Vekhozo and General Secretary Kuzhovesa Soho, late Medeo was remembered by the Association for his courage, integrity and commitment as a public leader.

“In his death, Chakhesang people have lost a good soul and great leader who has sacrificed all his best for the welfare of the Chakhesang people in particular and the entire Nagas in general,” the CWA stated.  

The Association also stated that it shares the burden of loss with the deceased leader’s wife, children and family members and prayed for his soul to rest in peace.

CYF: The Chakhesang Youth Front (CYF) mourned the loss of the community’s able and courageous leader.

Late Medeo was a torch bearer and devoted his life for the welfare of Chakhesang community till his last breath, the CYF stated, adding that the Chakhesang Community has lost a very dedicated public leader. “The Chakhesang Youth Front will not forget his immense contribution towards our community and his legacy will continue to live in our hearts,” it added.

Stating that his absence will be deeply felt, the CYF conveyed condolences to the family members and prayed for late Medeo to rest in peace.

GPRN/NSCN Chakhesang Region: The GPRN/NSCN, Chakhesang Region stated that it is deeply pained at the demise of one of the most respected Chakhesang leaders.

“Always prepared to advice and correct the Chakhesang national workers, late Mr Vehushu Medeo was a real patriot for the Naga cause,” it said. Chakhesang Region national workers will miss his warm personality and sound advices, it added.

The GPRN/NSCN Chakhesang Region extended condolences to the deceased leader’s wife and children and prayed for late Medeo to rest in peace.

SPO: The Sechekhu Public Organization (SPO) stated that late Medeo was a brave and a tall leader with a ‘wide range of wisdom’ to rely upon in all situations of life. He was an outspoken man with undeterred mind in standing for truth and justice, the SPO added. “It is regretful for our people for losing a true and a committed leader at this potential age which can never be replaced,” the SPO stated.

It conveyed deepest condolences to the bereaved family and prayed for the departed soul to rest in peace.

WC, NNPGs: On behalf of the WC, NNPGs, and on behalf of GPRN/NSCN rank and file, the WC, NNPGs Convenor and GPRN/NSCN Ato Kilonser N Kitovi Zhimomi issued a condolence message on Sunday.

“He loved Nagaland from the core of his heart. He was a nationalist, a patriot for his people and nation. He was a leader with integrity and deep sense of justice in his understanding of social and political matters,” Zhimomi wrote in his message.

As a proactive Chakhesang leader, he offered positive advice to WC, NNPGs which were collectively studied, inserted in negotiations with the GoI and which is now reflected in the Indo-Naga status paper, he added.

Stating that his absence will be deeply felt, Zhimomi also added that the fond memories will be cherished by all who came across late Medeo.

Conveying condolences to the departed leader’s family, Zhimomi also prayed for late Medeo to rest in peace.