Mothers day greetings

Dear Oja

Mother’s Day is a celebration of all the wonderful things that mothers do…It’s a day to say thank you for their care and concern, for their warmth and kindness…
Oja, every day of our life you have given us something beautiful, something no one else could give—a mother’s love.
And we want to tell you how much you mean to us and how very much we love you.
Have a very Happy Mother’s Day
Your Loving Children

Dearest Mom,

On this very special day, we wish you a very Happy Mother’s Day. May God bless you in bounty.

From your loving
Husband, Son and Daughters

Our darling Ayao,

You have always been there to support us when we needed a hand, let us cry on your shoulder, let us yell when we were angry and let us talk for hours when we just needed to get it all out.
We are glad you didn’t give up on these kids even when you knew that we were not right.
Thank you for being our source of love and strength.

You make everything so much easier.
We love you mom
Imjung, Anen & Maongri

All the way…

Mother without you, I can’t live out of my life Everyday, all the day I need you all the way. Mother I live you. Mother I need you. Every minute, every second, every hour. All the day I need you all the way. You told me the story of God, how He made trees and animals. But you are far away from me. So just come back in my life and tell the whole story of it. Mother you are the one who touch my heart and make me change. All the way you guide me. All the way you love me. Mummy, mummy I love you.
Class 9 (A), Bethesda Hr Sec School

Dear mum...(Keneideino)

U were there for me through my ups and downs..
U were there to pick me up to soothe my ailing heart,rejoices with me in my little achievements. Mum you are my world. I love you so much. Thank you for being my mother.
Your only daughter RokonoC.


The first word we learn is mummy, Whatever she makes is always yummy, She makes us study day and night, So that we could become smart and bright. She cooks healthy food everyday, so that we could grow day by day, She teaches us what is right and wrong, so that in life we would never go wrong.
Bendang Longchar.

Remembering Ma Beloved...

I walked down da old road just to have a glimpse of da footprints u left. I picture u on ur knees, ol da tears u dropped, and Mom ur prayers still guide us. Nothing on earth can ever replace n erase those memories i hold so close. I tried 2 ignore bt i was reminded of so many ways u showed me; 2 be Patient, Humane, and most of ol not 2 hurt myself bt 2 grow thru ma weaknesses n mistakes. Wrapped in ur arm, dat was da safest n warmest place i could ever be. 2day i’m letting u know dat i’v learned 2 turn ma Tears 2 Prayers. Neither am i good in rhymes 2 sing u a song, nor a good composer 2 hit some verses 4u; i am Amateur bt i kip writing... Life’s too short 2 dwell on, i’m well aware of dat... But da truth is, i still try ma best not 2 cry. My heart is crushed nine (9) years w’out U. But i got a reason 2 smile albeit; i know U r one of those pretty Angels up there... HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!!!
Tac Care, Momma.
Wid lotsa Love- Bery JanQunger Medziphema.


She took the wrath of sun;
Placing me under her arms.
Stood against the viles of wind;
Carefully covered me with her love.

Like a soldier in the battle,
She took the first step.
Fought against the many odds,
And crowned me with a throne.

Her prayer is as pure as pearl,
Every tears from her eyes,
Melted away my frozen pain and sorrow.
Her smile gives me a reason to stand.

With her every touch,
She makes my world different,
And I’d love to say a thousand times,
“My mother is a hero.”
Anitoli K. Jimo
Chekiye Village, Dimapur