Mulayam wants quota for Muslims in LS, state assemblies

New Delhi, March 24 (PTI): A demand for reservation for Muslims in state assemblies and Parliament was made in the Lok Sabha on Thursday.  Raising the matter during Zero Hour, SP chief Mulayam Singh Yadav expressed concern over ill-representation of Muslims in the Lok Sabha. He said the Lok Sabha has only one member from the Muslim community from 14 key states, which together send 257 members to the House of the People.
This situation can only be changed by introducing reservation for Muslims in state assemblies and the Lok Sabha, Yadav said. CPI(M) member Khagen Das raised the matter of people’s agitation against the Jaitapur nuclear power project and demanded that the project be scrapped. Das said the project would affect agriculture activities in the region and also lead to reduction to fish produce in the coastal region. No scientific evaluation was done regarding the impact the project would have on the environment of the region, he said.
Das said the terrible events of Japan and the “nuclear emergency” declared there in the wake of the devastating tsunami should be a wake up call for India. He alleged that the local administration had engaged in repressive acts against those opposing the project. Over 250 people, including some 80-year-olds, have been declared habitual offenders, he said. Das wanted the Jaitapur nuclear power project to be scrapped and the land acquired for it returned to its rightful owners. Sumitra Mahajan (BJP) raised the issue of unwanted calls and text message being received by mobile phone subscribers.
She demanded that the government evolve a mechanism wherein mobile phone subscribers could be paid some amount if they receive any unwanted text messages or calls. Mahajan said mobile phone subscribers continued to receive unwanted text messages and calls despite their enrollment in the ‘Do-Not-Dial’ register. Saroj Pandey (BJP) wanted the government to devise a scheme for welfare of rickshaw pullers and housemaids.