Musharraf’s former ADC commits suicide

Islamabad, June 24 (PTI): A former aide-de-camp of erstwhile Pakistan military general Pervez Musharraf allegedly committed suicide by shooting himself in the head in his residence, his family has said.
The body of Major (retired) Syed Tanveer Ali was found in his flat in Sector F-11 in the heart of Islamabad on Thursday. He retired from the army in 2004. The administration of a private hospital informed the police that it had received Ali’s body with a bullet injury to the head.
Ali’s relatives told police that they had heard a gunshot from the bathroom of his bedroom, which was locked from inside. When they broke into the bathroom, they said they found Ali lying on the floor in a pool of blood.
Police quoted Ali’s relatives as saying that he was in distress due to financial losses suffered by his private security agency.
However, a report in the Daily Times newspaper quoted its sources as saying that there was an element of mystery surrounding Ali’s death. He was right-handed but the bullet wound was on the left side of his head and the 9mm pistol used in the alleged suicide had no fingerprints, the report said.
The body was taken to the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences and Ali’s family decided not to have an autopsy done, the daily quoted its sources as saying. An army brigadier arrived at PIMS and told officials he had been tasked to move the body to the Combined Military Hospital. Officials then handed over the body to the brigadier and Ali’s family, the report said.