Naga Hoho to groups – prove worthy of your cause

Dimapur, March 21 (MExN): The Naga Hoho today bluntly expressed concern for the rampant extortion and “taxation” imposed upon the public and upcoming entrepreneurs by “national workers.” The hoho acknowledged that any political movement or “revolutionary” group survives only on selfless contributions from the people “but in the context of the Naga freedom movement,” the undergrounds must first prove that they are worthy of their cause.
Demand on public, Naga traders flayedThe Naga Hoho leadership issued a statement today reminding that in fact Nagas’ should appreciate that young Nagas are working for their livelihood and venturing into new preferences. Many Nagas n work outside but do not want to return because of the “unbearable taxes” under the banner of “nationalism.” The organization has asked the groups to stop any form of “taxes” especially on young and upcoming Naga entrepreneurs.
“No doubt, any political movement or Revolutionary group survives only when there are selfless contributions from the people and the history will never deny that. However, in the context of Naga freedom movement, the National workers must prove that they are worthy of their cause,” the ‘hoho’ stated. “Rampant taxation/extortion imposed upon the general public and upcoming entrepreneurs by National workers are another matter of great concern,” the apex Naga tribal organization stated.  Appreciate young Nagas’ struggle for livelihood
The Naga Hoho said the Nagas must appreciate the young Naga men and women today for shifting their preferences from white color jobs to entrepreneurial skills without which no nation on earth can survive. Economic stability is imperative, the ‘hoho’ stated.
The hoho reminded that Naga youths are serving in different companies in different Indian cities but are now “never willing” to return to their own land. “This is simply because of unattractive political and social condition since the deterioration of Indo-Naga relationship vis-a-vis imposition of unbearable taxes upon the upcoming entrepreneurs under the banner of Naga nationalism and their struggle for sovereignty,” the hoho reminded strongly.
The organization reminded more that to earn one’s livelihood many Naga entrepreneurs work with all their sweat day and night with the loan money from financial Institutions and private moneylenders. “Ultimately, they land up in pathetic and disgraceful circumstances following bizarre collection of taxes by different groups in the state,” the hoho stated.  All Naga “national workers/cadres” are asked that any form of taxes should not be imposed on Naga entrepreneurs” at least unless they repay their loans from financial Institutions.
In this regard, the Naga Hoho shall bring out certain modalities in the coming Naga Hoho parliament in the interest of common Naga people, it added.