Naga lad joins world’s leading semiconductor company TSMC

Aosenba Longchar outside TSMC Museum of Innovation in Hsinchu City, Taiwan. (Photo: Special Arrangement)

Aosenba Longchar outside TSMC Museum of Innovation in Hsinchu City, Taiwan. (Photo: Special Arrangement)

Aosenba Longchar, an NIT and IIT graduate with a passion for profound learning

Mongsentong Longkumer 
Dimapur | September 18

Bucking the trend amongst Naga youths of pursing a position in the government sector through the civil service exams, a Naga IIT graduate from Dimapur has taken a different path by joining the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), one of the world’s leading semiconductor manufacturers, as a software engineer. 

Established in 1987, this Taiwan-based firm has been a pioneer in semiconductor research and development, catering to high-performance computing, smartphones, Internet of Things (IoT), automotive, and digital consumer electronics. It provides components to major corporations like Apple, Nvidia, and Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), among others.

Longchar, born and raised in Dimapur, is the youngest of five siblings. He is a native of Longjemdang village in Mokokchung district.

In an exclusive conversation with The Morung Express, the budding engineer informed that he always been fascinated by technology and how things work.

“It comes as no surprise that during that time, influential figures like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Larry Page etc, served as huge sources of inspiration for me,” he said. 

With an avid interest in maths and science subject during his schooling period, he shared that it was a passion for profound learning, not just for good grades.

Regarding his interest in ‘coding’ or learning to execute computer programmes,  Longchar mentioned that it started after he stumbled upon a YouTube video emphasising on ‘coding as the nearest thing to a super power.’  

“That statement left a very strong impact on my mind. The fact that you’re working on something that is going to be used and experienced by billions of people around the world gave a deep sense of fulfilment. Since then, my journey towards a career in Computer Science began," he said.

Call it chance or fate
Longchar first completed his Bachelor of Technology (B Tech) in Computer Science & Engineering from National Institute of Technology (NIT) Nagaland. After accumulating a year of work experience, he cleared his GATE exam in 2021 and joined the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Guwahati for an M Tech programme in the same discipline.

However, he shared that the journey was not easy as he had to undergo a serious surgery for spinal disc herniation in May 2022, when 

This was also the period when campus placement programmes were about to take place, he recalled, lowering his confidence in secure a job. “I thought I had no chance,” he admitted. 

However, by fate or by divine intervention, Longchar expressed, he get shortlisted for 5-6 companies including TSMC, then the only person among his peers at the institute.

“To be honest, it felt surreal and just beyond anything I had ever hoped, all glory, honour goes to God,” he affirmed. 
After completing his MTech in June, he joined the company from September 4 as a Software Development Engineer in Taiwan.

Semiconductors, the ‘new oil’ 
According to Longchar, his experience so far at the company has ‘surpassed all expectation.’ 

“The level of innovation and excellence they bring to the table is truly inspiring. And it seems the hierarchical structure of corporate exists only on the papers, because everyone treats everybody with equal respect, whether it may be a senior manager or the Canteen staff,” he maintained. 

“Our people will come a long way in achieving marvels if we decide to work on even 10% of the parameters that they have excelled in,” he noted. 

In terms of the scope within the industry, he said that semiconductors were present in almost all devices, and termed it the ‘new oil.’ 

Moreover, as every other industry relies on semiconductor technology there will always be a demand for talented engineers who can contribute to its advancement, he added.

However, he added a caveat stating that a lot of dedication and hard-work goes towards entering such industry. 

“Hard work is just the bare minimum and one should be ready to grind a lot,” he opined.

Concerning the general fear of maths and science subjects among the Nagas, Longchar said that he approaches the subjects with a level of deep interest and passion to learn.  “It is just an ingrained fear we have, all it requires is to make the first step,” he noted.

Striving for excellence irrespective of field    
Queried on whether there had been a persuasion from family to pursue civil service exam, Longchar admitted that his parents did suggest preparing for UPSC and NPSC. 

Yet, they were always open to hearing my point of view and respected the major decisions I took, he added. 

“I believe that one should strive for excellence in their chosen field, whether in public or private sector. However, I do not view either government or corporate job as the peak of success. In my opinion, true success is finding one's calling in life. Being obsessed with a job designation is not a healthy mindset in my opinion,” he observed. 

Besides work, music, specifically playing guitar and working out, among other activities, constantly keeps him grounded. 

“I am dedicated to fitness and have incorporated it into my daily routine, and to be honest, it has been beneficial for me in releasing stress and promoting positive mental health, and looking good comes as a bonus I suppose,” he shared. 

Overall, he attributed his success to God above all, and to his parents, the ‘constant’ since day one.

“Even though we weren't financially privileged, I can say I feel incredibly privileged in all other factors. Their heartfelt prayers were a constant presence, whether we were at home or far away.” 

Longchar also informed of his intentions to come back to Nagaland with the invaluable experiences he gained outside and contribute towards society in any means possible in the future. 

“This is a daily prayer that I hold close to my heart, and I hope to discover my true calling in the process,” he affirmed.