‘Naga movement based on principles of truth’

Q Tuccu
Yaruiwo, NSCN (IM)

Yaruiwo's Independence Day Greetings 

My dear countrymen, 

I express my heartiest greetings in advance to you all Nagas across Nagalim on the eve of the 77th Independence Day. Tomorrow is going to be a momentous occasion to remind us who we are as a people and as a nation. It was the day when Nagas asserted their independence. We have completed 76 years ever since Naga independence was declared on 14th August, 1947. It will marks the day when Nagas took the decision to freely determine their political status and pursue their economic, social and cultural development as provided by UN Resolution and reshape our political destiny. We have come a long way to uphold our sovereign identity as a nation. 

I salute our great freedom fighters because they give us the courage to face the situation to carry on with our struggle to defend our political identity as independent nation. It was because of their hard work, perseverance, learning, sacrifice and most of all the "never die spirit" that Naga people could maintained the momentum throughout to defend the national identity of the Nagas. 

Our freedom fighters have the heart to speak up against the British government and British India government about the political rights of the Nagas as sovereign people. We have well known historical figures like T Aliba Imti, T Sakhrie, AZ Phizo, Khodao Yanthan, Gen Khole Konyak, Chairman Isak Chishi Swu who gave their everything for Naga's independence. They have the foresight to see Nagalim as an independent nation and they were instrumental in igniting the flame of liberation among the Naga people. They are the people who taught us about the importance of loving one's country and the spirit of sacrifice that must come through "blood, sweat and tears.”. This means "suffering, sacrifices and commitment.”

What we learn from our freedom fighters are unwavering commitment to their beliefs and principles, even in the face of great adversity. They stood up for Naga's rights and today it is their legacy that continues to inspire us in pursuit of our sovereign national identity. Their sacrifices will be remembered for generations to come. 

Our liberation movement was based on the principles of truth and that has been our source of strength throughout. It was a struggle for human rights and dignity. It was for this very reason that Mahatma Gandhi said, "Nagas have every right to be independent.” Today I bow to Mahatma Gandhi for being a sagacious leader of great insight. We are heavily indebted to him for his courage to stand up for the historical and political rights of the Nagas. 

Once again I would like to extend happy Independence Day greetings to all Nagas wherever you are based. Let us remain faithful and loyal to our motherland. Let us continue to give our best service and respect our land that nurture and give us the identity. My best wishes to all of you. 

Thank you