Naga Orpheus Hunt brings to you seven Finalists

Imtisenla: Imtisenla is a 28 year old finalist from Kohima and someone who has been singing for as long as she can remember with her Dad being the inspiration. After completing her M.Sc from NEHU she has been involved with the Powerfaith Ministry in Kohima. It was in the year 2006 that she took up singing full fledgedly. Her fond memories of singing goes back to church and school programs and surprisingly she has always been a group performer and her solo performances began at the Naga Orpheus Hunt.  Being in the show has made this finalist realize the worth of constructive criticism and that cameras don’t bite. As musicians the band Divine Connection she says is really inspirational with all the achievements that they have. She also considers the opportunity to work with the band Incipit in the show as an experience of a winning kind. For any amateur artist to be successful, especially in a State like Nagaland where the music industry is still in its infancy, recognition and encouragement to pursue music is very essential and through the show she hopes to get a little bit of both and humbly concludes that wealth and fame are secondary.

Kokliba Jing’s: 25 year old Kokliba from Kohima is someone who comes with a lot of singing and performing experience. He has been a member of the band Xotic Volvo from 1999 to 2005 and till date continues to perform with many other bands. He was also chosen by the BASN to perform at the recently held Miss Nagaland contest. With an affinity for Rock and Roll genre this young man draws inspiration from Eric Martin. Apart from the love for singing and performing he takes interests in making handicraft products. Though a regular performer he thinks being in the show has fine tuned his stage performance in many aspects not forgetting being spotted to perform at prominent events. He looks forward to applying whatever he has learned in the show to his further performances, if lucky maybe as the Naga Orpheus but if not then as a performer that he has always been.

Kezevilie:  Kezevilie all of 26 from Botsa in Kohima District has been singing from as young as he was 9 and credits his family for being inspirational force. After completing his 12th Commerce from Government Higher Secondary School Kohima he dropped his secular education and went on to do his Theological studies and Kezevillie is currently pursuing his Master of Divinity from AMC Kohima. For someone who considers his most memorable performance as the teacher’s day performance with his school band when in standard 8 he sure has come a long way. All thanks to the grooming that came along in the hunt as Kezevillie says he has learnt a lot in the show most importantly the timing and diction lessons. This finalist is not afraid of hoping that the best and someone who can win the hearts of the people walk away with the title. It could be him or anybody else. When Kezevilie says he wishes to share all that he has learned in the show with his friends one can comprehend he is in the show not only to win but also to learn.

Tsapila Anar: Twenty four year old Tsapila Anar from Dimapur is someone who walked away with the trophy at a Sunday school singing competition despite breaking down out of nervousness and that explains enough that nothing has ever gotten the better of her singing ability since she was a young girl. Like any other aspiring singer from a Christian family Tsapila too started her early performances in the church.
However, it was in the year 2009 that her actual singing career took off. She has performed at many prestigious events including the President of India's visit to Kohima, the Hornbill ball in 2010, the International Culture Mix 2011 with T.C Hawkins and most recently at the Miss Nagaland Contest early this month. If one can remembers her singing Adele’s and Joss Stone’s songs in the show you will not find it hard to believe when she says she draws inspiration from them. Tsapila completed her matriculation from St.Paul School in Dimapur and graduated from St.Anthony’s College in Shillong.
Soon after her graduation she went on to study Film and Television at AAFT, Marwah Studios. Through the audition and recording process of the show Tsapila believes she has become a more confident performer comparatively because earlier the stage always terrified her and thus believes in the adage what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger as the show has pushed her to limits she never thought she could go.
With positive competition spirit she says there is nothing like emerging as the winner and spreading her music as far as possible but if not then she says she will in all humility accept the truth because she believes God might have better things in store for her. At the Naga Orpheus Hunt she states she has experienced moments she will never get back in her life and intends to enjoy her last few days in the show singing it out.

Athrong Sangtam:
Athrong Sangtam from Dimapur is a 22 year old B.A. student of Mount Olive college and yet another finalist of the Naga Orpheus Hunt who has been singing since a tender age. It has been his musically inclined Mom who has been his biggest inspiration to the extend of his best singing memories being performing with his Mom. When it comes to local musicians Athrong says the famed band Divine Connection has always been an inspiration. After being in the show Athrong as an amateur singer has come to understand that one must never give up singing whatever be his/her calibre.
Surviving in the show with a good spirit this finalist says only one of them will win and it’s well and good if he emerges as the winner but even if he doesn’t he will be there to wish the winner a bright future ahead. He feels that being a part of the show has given him immense exposure and through it he believes music will continue being an integral part of his life.

Sungtinaro Zarina Longchar: This 28 year old finalists confidently feels singing is her inborn talent and the encouragement and support from her mom has led her deep into it. If one can remember the band Lijas 2 of the late 90’s than you cannot miss Sungtinaro as she was a member of this band and her fondest memories of performing belongs to the concerts staged with the band. When asked about inspiring musicians Zarina says she looks up to Abiogenesis, for the simple reason that this band has achieved so much professionally bringing name and fame to the State and admires the way they live off their music making it indispensable for aspiring musicians like her to draw inspiration from them. Through her stint in the show Zarina realized the importance of formal vocal training and is grateful to the show for helping her overcome stage fright. With the grand finale just around the corner she conveys that winning and losing is a part of the journey and though winning will open up many avenues for her but even otherwise she believes this is where her life’s music journey begins and that she will go on. She concludes by saying that experience has been many in the show and that she wishes to optimize God’s given talent to the best of her ability. 

Vetulu Curhah: Vetulu Curhah 24 from Kohima has been singing since she was a little girl and claims Kelly Clarkson to be a huge inspiration and closer home she derives inspiration from Ledi a local artist. She completed her schooling from the Christian home school in Phek and graduated from Kohima Arts College. She is currently pursuing a computer course from Nielit Meriema. When asked about her most memorable performance she says it has to be the road show in Phek which was a whole new experience for her after performing in smaller functions. Being in the Naga Orpheus Hunt Vetulu expresses that it has really upped her confidence level and knowing well everyone is here to win the title she says she has been giving her best shot and even if she loses she will consider it as a stepping stone and be grateful to the almighty for bringing her this far into the show. With all the experience in the hunt she is grateful that she will be taking home many wonderful experiences and this young girl desires to launch a music album with the talent that she has been blessed with.