Naga People as genuine stakeholders needs to come together under one common platform

Kiumukam Yimkhiung
President , NNC/GDRN (NA)

On this historic and auspicious day, I once again thank and give glory to our Almighty Father for his providence in sustaining our people and our sacred National movement thus far. Today 14th August 2023 commemorated 77 years of our Naga Nationhood, I on behalf of entire NNC/GDRN (N.A) convey joyous greetings to all Citizens of Naga Nation.

On this occasion, we remember all our patriots and fallen martyrs, who gave their all so that the future generation can stand our ground and call ourselves as people and Nation. I salute and pay homage to our beloved comrades, who made supreme sacrifice for the cause of Nation, which we shall never forget. We are ever indebted and grateful to all the pioneers for their farsightedness and their undying spirit of patriotism and fierce love for Naga homeland.  

It is very unfortunate that our generation is fragmented and dismembered with narrow Tribalism and factionalism We cannot achieve our aspiration by hatred, conspiracies and deceit. At the same time, I extend my deepest respect and honour to all the Naga Political  groups for defending our God’s given rights. We need to retract our steps spiritually and seek forgiveness from the Almighty God.

Today, every efforts that is humanly possible has been invested at this point of time to bring about an honourable and enduring Political settlement between the NNPGs Working Committee  and Government of India, the Negotiation for which had been concluded successfully on 31st October 2019. However, It is very unfortunate that certain section of our own Naga s are obsessed with power and position and has refused to  accept the hard fact and reality for solution and instead opted for deceptive ways and means  which is very uncoming and unfortunate. But it is my prayer and desire that we will walk the the path of our forefather in peace and unity.

On this 77th Anniversary of our Naga Independence day, I am optimistic that the new breeds of our younger generation are not naïve of what is happening around them. With erudite knowledge, and cutting age technology, we expect them to be the pillar of our movement and to carry forward the legacy until our desires and dreams are fulfilled.

The Naga People as genuine stakeholders needs to shed all differences, isms and come together under one common platform to vigorously push forward for solution at the earliest with the same zeal, courage and valour that our forefathers instilled in us. I most humbly acknowledge all the contribution of all Apex Tribal bodies, Students bodies, Churches and the general Public. May God bless Nagaland.