Nagaland Fitness Community to raise COVID-19 relief fund

The Nagaland Fitness Community will be giving out live online workout sessions in aid of COVID-19 relief fund, starting June 7-12. (Photo Courtesy: Nagaland Fitness Community)

Kanili Kiho
Dimapur | June 6

Sticking to the old adage, ‘health is wealth,’ the Nagaland Fitness Community has once again joined hands to do their bit – creating awareness on the joy of fitness in every home.

In 2020, when the novel coronavirus pandemic first hit the State, this group of fitness professionals had come together and shared awareness on health and positivity through recorded videos shared across social media.

This year, they will give out live online workout sessions, in aid of COVID-19 relief fund. Starting Monday i.e. June 7, the six-day online session will witness seven professionals from different fitness fields give out live online workouts, the session which will end on June 12.

The idea is to create awareness on the link between physical activity and fitness. Thejakhrietuo Kire, a certified fitness trainer is the man behind the whole concept.

Speaking to The Morung Express he said, “We cannot impose. All we want is to create awareness. And by now, one should be concerned of one’s well-being, especially during this pandemic.” Whatever activity it may be, from sweeping or washing to chopping woods, do whatever needs to be done or simply do some workouts, Kire further suggested.

Beginning daily at 5:00 pm through Google meet, there will be no time limit, where each session will solely depend on the interaction among trainers and the participants.

The sessions will include Pilates, Aerobics and Zumba, Body Workouts, Yoga, Taekwondo and Mixed Martial Arts. The certified trainers include Wokali Zhimomi and Lizavi Chishi from Chisel & Beats, Avisa Chase, Vizobilie Victor Punyu, Orentsani Kikon, Alemba Thongliu Tikhir and The Combat Academy Nagaland.

The registration fee per session will be Rs 200, while for the entire six sessions, one can register at a nominal price of Rs 600, Kire informed. “With the registration money, the team is not getting paid or anything. Whatever comes in, it will all go to the COVID relief fund,” he added.

20 people have registered so far, while two groups have voluntarily donated towards the relief fund, he said. Among the registered members, Kire said that most of them are women and in their late 20s to 40s.

“Had it been normal times, we would be doing an event, physically present somewhere else. But such are the times now,” he said, while expressing gratitude to all the fitness professionals who were ever-ready to accept any idea he put across.

“Regardless of being from different fields, at the end of the day, it is all about fitness. And our dream is to bring all of us under one umbrella,” he said.

The first session on June 7 will be on Pilates given by certified POP Pilates trainer Wokali Zhimomi and Lizavi Chishi, a certified nutrition coach from Chisel & Beats, which is a mat based Pilates workout for women.

“Working out in the gym before the lockdown was how majority of us were staying fit. But not everyone is aware of online classes being provided these days,” said Zhimomi. She said this event was a great opportunity for everyone to enjoy different kinds of workout in a week.

Grateful to be a part of the live session workout that the Nagaland Fitness Community has put together, Chisel & Beats “is looking forward to have all the strong women work out with us.”

Meanwhile, Pilates for men will be given by Orentsani Kikon, a professional fitness coach and NEB Sports brand ambassador of Nagaland.