‘Nagas at this point ought to be recognised as a sovereign nation’

Yilow Humtsoe 
Acting President, Naga National Council (Parent Body)

Dear Naga people,

On this occasion of Naga National Plebiscite Day, I on behalf of the NNC (Parent Body) wish all the Naga people and the national workers in particular.  Seventy-two years ago on this day, the Naga people conducted a National Plebiscite (referendum) in the presence of the Government of India, to demonstrate and put forth the fate of the Nagas to be a free and sovereign people and nation, for peace and development. 

Today as a sovereign people and nation we celebrate this historic National Day. And we call for the Government of India to officially recognise this democratic right of freedom, as this sovereign right is renowned by the world at large and particularly the Government of India. After more than 7 decades of fighting with blood, sweat, tears and immense suffering the Nagas at this point ought to be recognised as a sovereign nation, and therefore we urge all the friendly countries near and far to officially recognise Nagaland as a democratic nation. 

We also remember and honour our national workers who sacrificed their lives for the purpose of Nagaland to be a free and independent nation. 

History is certain that Nagas are not Indians and Nagaland as a whole was never politically a part of India. It is very apparent even to outsiders that Nagas are distinct and different from India, and many leaders, officials and tourists who visit Nagaland also recognise and acknowledge this fact. 

The Naga people cannot continue to stay under the forceful occupation of India and Myanmar (Burma) as we are historically and rightfully a sovereign people and nation.

Today, we are witnessing communal violence and chaos designed by the imperialist political agents in the North-east region to self-destruct so as to occupy and dominate the region entirely, as we can see through the events taking place in Manipur. The raging and flaming situation in Manipur is an eye-opener and an actual example for all the people in the region and the world at large. All these are the outcome of the crafty agenda of ethnic cleansing by the imperialist and it is a huge threat and danger to the indigenous people in the North-east region. 

The unimaginable and unforgettable communal havoc is created based on the religious agenda of the extremists. Therefore, the North-East people must comprehend this clearly to save ourselves and the region.

The political parties of India will come and go, a party will rule for a period of time and go, and a particular party cannot permanently rule in this contemporary world, therefore, the political party of any colour must not fool the  North-east people as we have seen through and enough in the past. And we the North-East Indigenous people must stand united to fight and overcome the imperialist policy and agenda, and to protect our political rights of freedom to rule ourselves for the betterment and development of our region and also for peace and tranquillity to prevail in the entire North-east region.

As for the Nagas in the Homeland, we need to be cautious and aware of all these ethnic cleansing pursuits happening around us, and we must be united to confront all political, religious and land domination agendas of the imperialist so as to overcome all challenges in the days to come for freedom of our Homeland.

In conclusion, I must say that those factions who have already compromised the Naga People’s sovereign rights of Freedom as a people and Nation must step down voluntarily and stop being a hindrance to the freedom that our leaders and people stood for. Praise the Lord- Nagaland for Christ.