NNC observes 69th Naga Martyrs’ Day

Dimapur, October 17 (MExN): On occasion of the 69th Naga Martyrs’ Day, Gen (Retd) Thinoselie M Keyho, President, Naga National Council (NNC) said that “Naga Nation” has been observing it on October 18 since the martyrdom of the Naga national leader Zasibito Nagi in 1952. He said that Naga Martyrs Day in acknowledgement of all who had paid the supreme sacrifice in defence of her sovereignty. 

NNC pays the most honoured tributes to each and every martyred soul in profound solemn reverence, he stated while conveying that “may the God of all comforts most abundantly bless all the near and dear ones of the departed with peace and solace; and the Naga Nation with much invigorating blessings.”

While lamenting that after the “unfortunate fragmentation” some groups are not observing this sacred occasion in befitting manner, the NNC president questioned, “where do you think we the present National functionaries would be, had not our pioneering forerunners sacrificed their very best – even up to shedding their life blood?”

He stated that “In the good old days of perfect unity, our loyalty had been one most impervious, unshakable solid tower of strength. But after the unfortunate divisions, loyalty has come to suffer most pathetically. Now the “party” commands top priority and the “Nation” has been relegated to the back-seat most lamentable.”

“Then there is this ugly detestable scenario of needing to categorise the deaths of our people who perished not at the hands of the enemy but from our own internecine warring factions,” he added. 

The NNC President urged upon all the faction leaders to “be sure that you are not misled and fooled by others; and also that you do not mislead and fool others yourselves. There is no commodity costlier and more valuable than sweat, tears and blood.”

“I, as a veteran and seasoned campaigner of many battles of both physical and psychological warfare; most earnestly entreat all lovers of our Nation: please do not play with precious God-given lives. The consequences are much too heavy. Please do not betray your country, your people, your comrade and yourself. For traitors has no place in this world or in heaven. Be a Nationalist,” he appealed.