‘No kitchen issues in Media please’

Peren | February 15 : Trivial assertions between ‘factions’, village, tribes and ‘groups’ is breeding violence and acting as the chief agent of disruption among the Nagas today. This awareness and reformation dawned at the right time with knowledge and conviction that unity is not something one can just claim it. Rather, feel it. It is not the distance and boundaries that separates but the mind. Therefore, to start with, the mass media needs to be used in perspective as the most important tool of peacemaking.
Besides promoting and intensifying hostility, the next generation is gifted a psychosis of fear, disunity, violence and crime. ‘We’ have far encouraged factionalism, groupism and all forms of crime in the social school by rushing to the media instead of being a responsible citizen who initiates solution.
A young and dynamic pastor of a local church, Mongzeung Mpom, who had just returned from Kolkata after a special appointment offered by Billy Graham’s grandson. Mpom was optimistic of a different and peaceful social fabric if unnecessary local disputes and allegations are solved locally without having to rush to the press for publication. ‘We are what we picture ourselves to the rest of the world’, he said while suggesting to the editor, Zeliang News the importance and responsibilities mass media plays in the society.
At such crucial stage where unity is the dream of every sensible Nagas, it is pertinent to be aware that local politics and allegations in media deserve outright criticism. They are no longer to be considered ‘hot topics’ but rather a social shame. Inherent human ego may tempt an individual for recognition of his claims and rights, but it should never be sacrificed at the alter of Nagas’ unity.