No one better than present Interlocutor, Lotha Hoho says

Wokha, August 11 (MExN): The Lotha Hoho (LH) on Tuesday came out in support of the Nagaland Gaon Bura Federation (NGBF) and Zeliangrong Baudi (AMN) in their opposition to the reported campaign to change the Interlocutor of the Naga Political Negotiations, RN Ravi by some groups.

In its statement, the apex body of the Lothas argued in favor of the Governor and Interlocutor saying that, “We need to understand that whether Ravi or any other interlocutor are all human being; and cannot satisfy everyone’s aspiration.

But as per the LH observations the Nagas will not get another interlocutor better than Ravi.”

The LH said that after many years of involvement in the parleys Ravi has “digested the Naga political background, the long journey of the Naga struggle, the turmoils faced in that journey,” and that “he understands the human aspects and all about the Naga aspirations.”

“After putting in so much effort, time, thought etc, by all stakeholders, why change the interlocutor and go back to zero; to start everything afresh?” it questioned.

Asserting that the attempt was to “derail the near-solution negotiation process,” the LH said “If we change the interlocutor it will be an attempt to undo all the 23 years of input into the negotiation on Naga Political Settlement and thus derail the process of Settlement,” it maintained, adding that most competencies are ‘finalized’, and “the long awaited Naga Settlement is at the door.”

It further stated that although they are willing to pursue unresolved issues democratically, “The Nagas have shed much blood and have endured many storms and are now unwilling to go any further.”

Reaffirming its full support for the Naga National Movement and settlement, the LH maintained that the Naga Political Movement “has taken roots in the Lotha soil and the Lotha people have sacrificed many lives and have suffered much like any Naga.”

It appealed for commitment to the cause of the Nagas and to work for early solution rather than derailing it. 

While praying for ‘divine wisdom’ for the Naga people, all negotiating groups and the interlocutor for an honourable Naga Solution, the LH said that “To achieve this target we should not talk of changing the interlocutor.”