No shortage of essential commodities in Kohima: KMC

People shopping in one of Grocery Shops in Midland, Kohima on August 3. (Morung Photo)
People shopping in one of Grocery Shops in Midland, Kohima on August 3. (Morung Photo)

Our Correspondent
Kohima | August 3

Kohima Municipal Council (KMC) administrator Kovi Mesaye today said that there is no shortage of essential commodities in Kohima.

Talking to The Morung Express, he said that special permits have also been issued to transporters to replenish stocks.
“There is no need for any panic,” he said.

Meanwhile, limited number of Grocery shops opened today across 19 wards in Kohima to facilitate the citizens to buy essential commodities in this ongoing total lockdown within Kohima municipality.

Each ward has its own arrangement for opening and closure of grocery shops in their respective jurisdiction.

Meanwhile, some citizens complained that some of the shopkeepers were found selling few essential commodities above the rate fixed by KMC. For instance- Green chilly at Rs. 200/300 per kg, Suji- Rs. 40 per packet of 500 gram, Egg- Rs. 180 per plate, Tomato-Rs. 80/Rs.100 kg, Cabbage- Rs. 50 kg.

Later, in partial modification of office order, the KMC has fixed the retail rates of some of essential commodities till further order.

The rates includes; Tomato (Kharpetia) –Rs. 75 kg, tomato (Local)- Rs. 25 kg,  Green Chilly (Tepa)- Rs. 60 kg, Green Chilly (Micro)- Rs. 140 kg, Beans (Big)- Rs. 40 kg, Beans ( Small)- Rs. 30 kg,  Cabbage- Rs. 25 kg, Brinjal- Rs. 35 kg, Bitter Gourd (Big) – Rs. 50 kg, Bitter Gourd (Small)- Rs. 40 kg, Cauliflower- Rs. 90 kg, Garlic (Big)- Rs. 160 kg, Garlic (Small)- Rs.140 kg, Onion- Rs. 40 kg,  Potato- Rs. 40 kg, Masoor Dal (Dal)- Rs. 80 kg, Masoor Dal Medium)- Rs. 100 kg, Masoor Dal (Small)- Rs.90 kg, Moong Dal – Rs. 120 kg, Arhar dal- Rs. 110 kg, Sugar-Rs. 50 kg, Rice (Andhra/ Arham)- Rs. 2000 per bag (50 kg) and egg- Rs. 170 plate.

The KMC directed all the shopkeepers to adhere to the above rates, adding that failing to do so would entail needful action.

Public have been requested to inform KMC office if the same is not being followed. In case of any complaint arising, the same may be lodged on these mobile no 9436001900/ 9366916771.

Traders and customers shall mandatorily follow all SOP guidelines during business, KMC administrator added.