Nourish unemployment to employment

Often we come across many educated unemployed youth in northeastern states of India. Hardly people try to reason out what r ways and means to solve this problem. Today, there are many parents who are in dilemma as to how their children can be employed. Who is to be blamed? Should we blame the government, parents or individual? To be precise one should remember that employment is a personal responsibility. The Government has done its part to an extent by providing universal education. Parents on their part provide all necessary amenities during thae academic years and even after that. A person should be driven by the spirit of self worth and be able to take up any job or trade and constantly try to excel in the chosen field.

We must keep in mind that the competitive world of today offers success and riches to only those who can persevere. A fine example of individual enterprise can be found in the Naga society itself. There are scores of Naga uneducated women looking after the families with the income generated from modest self employment ventures like pan shops and vegetable shops. What I want to convey is that one should not rest upon the academic laurels that one has achieved but endeavor to be economically self sufficient through vocational training and entrepreneurship. If one limits oneself to the academic qualifications for employment, the current situation of unemployment shall continue to grow. Knowing one’s capabilities and readiness to ventures out any work that entails risks helps to reduce unemployment. There are thousands of labourers; rickshaw pullers and hand cart pullers who earn much more than an average educated person. In short one should know the dignity of lobour.
To make myself clearer let me draw my view by the term “Unemployment”. I would like to define unemployment in two ways. Firstly, an individual is not being employed in any government sector after having enough qualification and capability. Secondly, if one is jobless, without career, occupation, trade in any sectors (government, non-governmental or in private) even though S/he has the qualification and talent. 

Here are some of the possible ways which I thought may tackle the unemployment problem. Firstly, the governments need to emphasis on setting up more professional course such as creating more job avenues, provide maximum Grant In Aid facilities for underprivileged and downtrodden section of people and encourage talent/skills hunt facilities to be initiated e.g. Naga Idol is one of such to identified talented young singers.. Secondly, parent/guardians need to develop maximum moral support with obtainable monetary support, proper career guidance towards their children education, find out children’s talents and encourage them, do not enforces your desire vision on your children. Thirdly, an individual need take up professional course instead of mere education system, identified ones own talent and skills and utilize them, began to prepare one’s career after class XII, do explore innovative ways of doing things and start taking risk and initiate  vocational course and diploma courses.
I think its time to divert our educational approach i.e. to emphasis professional or job oriented course after Pre-University. I presume this is one of the means to tackle the unemployment problems in our state.

Henceforth, there is no one to blame for the unemployment problem. Nevertheless, if all the above-mentioned sections of people take initiative in shaping the younger generation we can minimize this issue in significant way. Last but not the least; individuals need to take full responsibility for ones own future life. Hence, the very question need to ask oneself i.e. why am I unemployed? In what way and how do I do to be an employable youth?

Romeo Gangmei
Social Worker, Dimapur