One Day at a Time: Publisher’s review

Easterine Kire


When I received the manuscript of Sangmaikumba Chang’s writings, I realised this was ‘dil se direct’, writing coming straight from the heart with no attempt at pretentiousness, no masking of the frailties that showed through. It is very vulnerable writing and its vulnerability is its own protection. That and the faith in the inherent goodness in the hearts of humans.


When someone stands before you and is completely honest with you, can you be other than honest back?


It is difficult to describe Sangmai’s book; it is hard to slot it into one or other of the categories available. And people who are habituated to putting things in boxes struggle to decide which box to fit it in. The answer is simple – don’t slot it, don’t even try. Let it be a stand-alone book, and most of all, enjoy it for what it is.


It is part conversation and part meditation. An inward-looking book that tells about his inner struggles, things that we in our culture of silence push down and hide away from the public gaze.


It opens a gentle discussion about mental health, and the writer’s transparency and vulnerability take away the stigma from this subject.


Sangmai, at the beginning of the book, writes,


‘I often doubted LIFE, only later did I embrace LIFE as my teacher.’


His struggle with bullying at school, depression and self-negating thoughts were so real at one point that it made him fail to see value in life.


I love the manner in which he expresses his childlike faith in the God that showed up for him when he needed Him most.


Simply told with the candour that only a very young man can bring to these revelations, this is a book that will speak to your heart in the deepest sense of the word.


The book is available at:;  Crossword, Kohima; Gutouch, Kohima; Pages, Kohima; Little Niceties, Kohima;

Dr Asen in Kohima: 7005906709; Temjen, Dimapur: 6009525445; and  ECS Office in Tuensang.