Onus for Border solution on state governments

Morung Express News

Firmly reiterating that the age-old good relationship between the Assamese and the Nagas cannot be destabilize by any contentious issues including the border dispute, the Naga Students’ Federation and All Assam Students’ Union today urged both Assam and Nagaland government to take effective measures to solve the border dispute, so as to avoid further misunderstanding between the two communities.  

In a representation submitted to the Nagaland Chief Minister, Neiphiu Rio, the NSF and AASU also expressed strong resentment over the indifferent attitude of the Government of India in addressing the border issue. It appealed to the governments of the two states to restrain from undertaking any actions and activities which may invite unnecessary tension along the border. Moreover, they urged political parties not to foment tensions by capitalizing on the border issue.

The two students’ bodies will submit the same representation to the Assam Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi. Nagaland Chief Minister, Neiphiu Rio, who met the delegation along with his cabinet colleagues and bureaucrats, was reported to have expressed his sincere appreciation and support to NSF and AASU’s initiative in assuaging tensions at the dispute area. 

“Nagaland government is committed to solve border dispute outside the court. They feel that people to people relationship should be taken into consideration. We anticipate similar response from the Assam government”, said NSN Lotha, NESO General Secretary, who accompanied NSF and AASU officials. 

Appreciating the committed response of the Nagaland Chief Minister, Dr Samujjal Battercharjee, NSESO Chairman and advisor to AASU also said that the Nagaland Chief Minister agreed to their suggestions that solutions to the border dispute should be hammered out by the both the state governments. NSF and AASU have suggested that Assam and Nagaland start dialogue at the Chief Ministerial-level for resolving the border issue. 

“The NSF and AASU will jointly continue the process of people to people dialogue in the border areas to promote peace and harmony. The joint initiatives would start at the earliest convenience time with the involvement from the grassroots level”, said the memorandum, while urging to ensure security people in border areas. 

Refuting the Nagaland government’s allegation that the Assam counter is pushing illegal immigrants into Nagaland, the AASU President, Sankar Prasad Ray said: “We don’t think Assam government is pushing illegal immigrants into Nagaland”. Meanwhile, North East Students’ Organisation said that there will be no compromise on the issue of illegal immigrants. Dr Sammujjal, said that one of their core demands is expulsion of all illegal immigrants from the border areas.

“There is no compromise on illegal immigrant issue. They should be detected and deported from the North Eastern region” said Dr Sammujjal, and accused political parties of harnessing the illegal immigrant for the sake of votes. It is a “do or die” issue for people of Assam as more than 800 people have sacrificed their lives while fighting against  illegal immigrants.

He also went on to state that NE states has reached a dangerous situation because of the heavy influx of illegal immigrants, as along with them, many terrorists group like Al Qaeda, ISI etc are entering into the region to create unwanted situations.

Samujjal also squarely blamed the Central government of not initiating effective measure in tackling the illegal immigrant issue. “Centre is playing a divisive tactic. We should be cautious of their game plan”, Samujjal said, while referring to the border dispute that Assam state is having with other neighbouring states.