Orgs appeal Naga political groups to shun violence

DIMAPUR, AUGUST 21 (MExN): Different organizations have voiced out against the recent armed conflict among differing Naga political groups in Dimapur. 

Appealing all Naga political parties to shun violence and strive for peace together, the Nagaland GB Federation (NGBF) termed it unfortunate and painful that people’s sentiment are not considered or respected. 

The Dimapur District GB Association (DDGBA) in a condemnation note said no matter what may be the reason was behind it, such action does not bode well at the time when Nagas are yearning for peace and when the NPGs and GoI is on talks to bring out a permanent peace and political solution for the Nagas.

The Western Sümi Totimi Hoho while condemning the activity of shooting and killings in public domain putting the lives of public at risk, also expressed resentment that factions are turning the ‘homes’ into a ‘war field.’ 

At a time when all the Nagas are hoping and yearning for peace and harmony and when the Naga Political negotiation is at advanced level, the Hoho lamented that such kind of behavior was very much uncalled for. 

The Hoho meanwhile requested the competent authority to look into these matters and to take steps to curb such kind of criminal activities and protect the citizens of the state and make sure that no such incidents take place in future.

The Sümi Aphuyemi Hoho (SAH) also in a condemnation note appealed all the Naga political groups to respect the lives of the individual. Any misunderstanding must be settled in true Christian spirit and negotiation, it stated while adding that Nagas have shed enough blood and people are longing to live a peaceful live.