Overcharge of Taxi fares

On behalf of the students’ community I would like to highlight some of the problems that are faced by the students’ throught your esteemed paper.

That Sir, I would like the attention of the Taxi Drivers Union Kohima to intervene and check the malpractices by the drivers of which we students’ in particular and public in general are facing. 

It is only recently that the Taxi fare from Dimapur - Kohima - Dimapur was hiked from Rs. 100 to Rs. 130 but the Taxi at Kohima refused to ply at the rate fixed by the Union and are charging anything from Rs. 150 - Rs. 250.

On the 8th October, 2005 as I was coming down to Dimapur for the vacation (Puja Holidays)on reaching the taxi stand in Kohima all taxi refused to go at Rs. 130/-.

Even a Van belonging to a press (must be, because it had PRESS written on its Number plate) AS01-V-6431 was charging Rs. 150/- to come to Dimapur. There was a couple of Taxis at the stand but all refused to ply unless we pay them a minimum of Rs. 150. Some Taxi NL01-T- 5855 (Van) NL01-T-6825 (Van) NL01-T-5323 (Sumo) were charging upto Rs. 250 to come to Dimapur. 

Sir, with the prices of things growing higher we understand their demands but when the authority have raised it by Rs. 30 we did not complain but the demands made by the taxi drivers are something which we cant simply wait and watch. Therefore I request the Taxi Drivers union to intervene immediately and take necessary action without delay.

Kohima Science College