Phek town reeling under woes of basic needs

Zhokusheyi Rhakho
Phek Town

Phek Town is in the 50th Year of its existence as District Headquarters, yet it is sad to see it is still struggling with the most basic needs like decent road, water supply and electricity. The Town road has become so bad as though some meteorites have hit the centre of our roads. Few metres of renovation doesn’t necessarily mean the general condition of the road is good. With worsening dilapidated surface and clogging drains, one wonders if there is even a department which takes cares of the Town road. Thankfully, Central government has made 2 Lane road connecting our Capital to the edge of our Town or else, god knows what will be our plight. 

Severe and regular power outage has become the norm and citizens can hardly remember the time when there was even proper electric supply. Electricity in Phek seems to be so shy of little rain or wind or even hot sun always failing to appear. Added to the woes is the irregular water supply which has made citizen of the Town scurry for water purchase or depend on rain water for its needs. 

Fifty year of township yet still struggling with the most basic needs is not a promising sign of our existence as a town nor it reflect well on the Citizens or the District in general. We seems to have become so used to this abnormal that we think it’s normal which actually is not normal. Until and unless we possess the consciousness or have a sense of responsibility in us, things will never get any better. Do we have the slightest care to fill the smallest of potholes in front of our shops or houses, or atleast do some mending of the road that runs in the middle of our Town & villages? Phek Town is supposed to be connected with East-West, North-South Corridor Road 4 Lane National Highway if it is to follow its rational alignment. Have we ever thought about that? Alas! If we could fight for our rights like we fight elections, we won’t be lacking anything especially not the basic needs.