Plain belt of Meghalaya worried by rising water levels

Newmai News Network

Shillong | June 28

Incessant rain over the past week has left many parts of the plain belt of Garo Hills in danger of floods even as the situation is being monitored by the administration.

As per local authorities, the situation is grim as water continues to rise with even the Naga Bund close to being washed away. Most agricultural land has already been submerged with water reaching low lying houses. With levels expected to continue rising, the worst, they said is yet to come.

The plain belt of Garo Hills is hit almost on a yearly basis by floods as the place is adjacent to the River Brahmaputra and its tributary, Jinjiram. The major problem for the people comes due to the back draft of the river.

“If the Naga Bund is breached, the entire Phulbari will be under flood waters. We are hoping it holds or we are due for some trouble,” said a local from Phulbari, S R Sangma. Naga Bund is an embankment along the Jinjiram that helps protect from flood waters. 

“We are keeping a close watch on the situation which is being monitored constantly. All authorities have been alerted on the matter and we will visit the area tomorrow to get first hand information,” said the Deputy Commissioner of West Garo Hills district, Ram Singh today.

The administration has also asked people to stay indoors as flood waters have breached many sections of roads in the plain belt, with the low lying Selsella – Garobadha road being the worst affected.

Meanwhile, MLA, SG Esmatur Mominin (Rahibul) confirmed that he is rushing back to the constituency (Phulbari) to take firsthand account of the situation.