Professionals but Unprofessionalism

Kevizase Kehie
Asst. Prof., Dept. of Political Science, St. Joseph’s College, Jakhama  

Today it has become a confusing thing, that people of highly qualified attained degrees with the necessary trainings tries to oversell their special visions. To this, they often put down other people without realizing how much efficient is their performance practically.  

In this regard, the application of the word ‘professionals’ upon the attained individuals seems very confusing which often gives false picture does one apply oneself as what the term means? We learnt to grow with time for a better future with education and trainings but the most important thing is, how do we apply it. During the early days people had Cambridge and Oxford graduates with little formal education. The question lies; Was one better than the other? We only need proper orientation with proper application.  

Let’s remember that we can be trained to become a professional but still making a huge mistake and blunder on the mission field as we quickly over-react to the weaknesses of the subordinates for not being on trainings which is oversimplification, to say the least –a criticism.  

The world of our mission field has become too highly complex that unless we are more balanced with our awakened approach towards the other of our different movements, one can hinder the great destiny which we strive for.  

There is a wedge between those who have a strong emphasis on the job and on the training in the academic possession. But there is also people gifted in studying while others in the field, and the impossibility of these, through discipline from a good institutional environment.  

This is a submission as one is yet to learn a lot. We lead our lives differently in our different ways based on ones abilities. There has been too many people on this earth that have become the greatest even without having any formal educations or trainings but have applied themselves efficiently at their field of work and duty. Likewise; Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein or Steve Jobs did changed the world through their imaginations which they felt more important than knowledge.” The only way to do great is to love what we do”.  

Most of the people think that degree always gets a better job although they do not love what they do. Education gives us knowledge where passion takes us to glory and satisfaction. People who work hard never give up their ambition of what they do even if without all the extra certificates to supplement to be called oneself as professionals.  

Anyone can build his/her lifetime career, but only those who will labour for it surely find success. Mere gifts and talents are not enough; these will be useless, if the person is slothful in executing. For one to find success and improvement he/she must love it. It goes without saying that formal education and degrees is not bad by itself. However, if it will just ruin the privilege of a person to build his/her career through the skills and gifts given by God.