Rejoinder to T.Solo’s press write- ups

This is short rejoinder of NSCN to Thepfulhouvi Solo’s press write up carried in the local papers of the 13th August, 2012. The first paragraph of his write up vividly exhibits his inner self, who is he, what is his mindset and what is his real thinking???  He was shell-shocked by seeing the joint Legislative Forum of Nagaland State united in purpose for the good of all Nagas and their land. Is his reaction prompted by fear or by envies?? Why he feels so uneasy when two opposing parties join together for the good of the people??

Secondly, he is writing about bringing all factions together to have a political settlement with Government of India. Yes, it is an ideal to be cherished by all. To this end, many had tried and have been trying, but if this could not be achieved for one reason or the other, what can we do?? Shall we drop the matter there and walk away or shall we find another option for the good of all?? The NSCN under the leadership of Isak and Th.Muivah is having political negotiations with the Government of India not for one faction or one tribe but for all the Nagas in different sections of the Naga society. For bringing all factions together no one forbid him to do the work. Why dreaming and criticizing by sitting on the fence? If he has the guts, why not try and work to bring all the groups together.
Thirdly, he is very much against the joint Legislators Forum of Nagaland supporting only one group i.e. the NSCN (IM) for political solution. Mr.T. Solo is advised to read the minds of the Naga populace constructively and not destructively. The Nagaland Legislators are not doing it not through a jerk of thought, but after having studied the pros and cons of the Naga political affairs and through sustained calculations and examinations, they are doing the job.

Fourthly, his assertion that the NNC is democratically mandated organization of the Nagas. It might have been so, had not some of the NNC/FGN high authorities signed the betrayal Shillong accord in Nov.1975. But now people all around know what is NNC and what its factions are doing.

Fifthly, he wrote that the Nagas are now all after wealth or in search of crorepatis. Yes, in this point he is right and it is the weakness of the Nagas. But he must also understand that there are many surviving veteran Naga freedom fighters who have been serving the Nation for fourty and fifty years still living in thatch and “Toku patta” houses. He must pay obeisance to them instead of despiring them.

Lastly, very often we come across press write ups of Thepfulhouvi Solo and Kaka D.Iralu in the papers. According to their statements sometimes they appear to be patriotic, and sometimes they appear to be trouble makers and obstructionists. The Naga political case is not an ordinary issue, but is a very serious matter. It is a blood soaked case. So, they must be very careful in their write ups.

Issued by Ministry of Information & Publicity