Representation of 8 Naga MLAs has solved the present political imbroglio

K Therie
Former Finance Minister, Nagaland.

BJP and NDPP did not seek mandate to implement agreed political solutions. They removed R.N. Ravi from Governorship as he was pressing for solution. They had resolved in the State Assembly “to resume talks” even after two Agreements were signed. As such, the recent mandate is not to implement political solutions.

However, it is important to understand that the representation of 8 Naga MLAs of Manipur expressing their support to Manipur Chief Minister Biren Singh is another milestone in the history of the Naga Political struggle. Nagaland’s MLAs should be clear that Nagas of Manipur desire to live within Manipur State.

We all have seen UNC and NSCN (IM) have condemned the representation. These 8 MLAs were elected with their support. They may deny, but the 8 MLAs have not withdrawn. They are legal representatives of the people and what they tender is legal before the ruling Govt.

People should not be fooled over Flag and Constitution demand anymore. If there is any disagreement over the Framework Agreement, talks should be at the level of the Prime Minister, for change can happen only at the Prime Ministerial level.