RMLCF brings new ray of hope for cancer patients

RMLCF Aid Centre along the High School Road, Kohima which accommodates the contributions made towards Rev Moa Longchari Cancer Foundation.
RMLCF Aid Centre along the High School Road, Kohima which accommodates the contributions made towards Rev Moa Longchari Cancer Foundation.

Morung Express News
Kohima | August 12

Those who knew Rev Moa Longchari would fondly remember him as a ‘very generous’ man who won people’s hearts everywhere he went. He passed away on August 5, 2019, after being treated for cancer for approximately 9 months, breaking the hearts of many lives he has touched in his lifetime. But it was also then that a new ray of hope for cancer patients was born.

“In the process of his treatment, we remember few of our church workers and friends who could not continue their treatment and couldn’t make it. Moa would say—if God willing and I get well, we will definitely start a foundation and help those who are underprivileged and don’t have any support. They may be cured or not cured, but at least having somebody who is supporting us means a lot,” Khrienuo Moa, his wife recalls.

Raise funds for cancer treatments 
A couple of months after his death, Rev Moa Longchari Cancer Foundation (RMLCF) was formally launched on October 26, 2019. “Cancer is too expensive to treat but we are fortunate that we have many well-wishers and loved ones who can support us in many ways,” Khrienuo Moa, who is also the president of the Foundation, says.

She gratefully expresses that the very day the foundation was launched, people came forward to contribute money, and eventually, a variety of donations followed such as shoes, clothes, decorative pieces, tea leaf, etc. To accommodate these contributions, an outlet called ‘RMLCF Aid Centre’ along the High School Road, Kohima was formally opened on August 12, 2020.

“This is where they can contribute either money or materials in terms of clothes or furniture, electronic appliances or anything. People can also get information or buy anything from here and whatever amount we generate from this centre will go to treating cancer patients,” she divulges.

Pointing out that the cost of treatment for cancer patient amounts to 5-10 lakhs while for some, it even comes to 30-40 lakhs of rupees; she exudes hope that this initiative will make a difference in the life of a cancer patient.  

Towards a holistic support 
“This foundation is not just about helping people treat their disease but we also wanted to get involved in their lives, to help in counseling, to support them spiritually and mentally also because when anybody finds out they are diagnosed with cancer, from one day one, they are already spiritually, mentally, and physically down,” she shares from experience.

Further emphasizing that they need a lot of motivation and support, she expresses, “so we want to be part of it, not just financially but in those aspects as well.” For some, she states, “we may not support financially, but for people we know are struggling, we are taking the initiative to just go visit them. It’s not just the extension of the ministry we are involved in all these years, but particularly why we went for cancer is because we have gone through it and it’s really really hard.”

“Unless we experience and go through it ourselves, we don’t understand the pain that people go through, so we are stating this in a small way. Hopefully we will able to extend beyond what we are doing now,” she adds. The COVID-19 lockdown has kept them from conducting seminars for preventive measures, recovery, etc but they hope to organise such seminars as well once the situation improves. “Our main focus is- physically we may get well or not, but we are more concerned about their spiritual area,” she puts across.  

Rev James C Neikhrienyü, Senior Pastor of Baptist Mission Church (BMC), who insists that “Moa’s shoes are too big for me to fill” recounts how Rev Moa Longchari was very generous, down to earth and easily connected with people from every walk of life. “That’s the beauty of his nature,” he expresses while putting across that, “I think in starting this foundation in his memory, they will be doing what Rev Moa has always aspired to do.”

Remembering him as somebody who never let those who came to him with problems and struggles, leave empty-handed, he says, “he has that kind of love towards his fellow beings.” The family’s venture, he firmly believes “will really cater to the needs of cancer patients,” and not just Nagas those in neighbouring states as well since he also had a deep concern for them.

‘A Man of God with a Big Heart’
In the words of a Kekhrie Mezhür, a member of Baptist Mission Church, “Uncle Moa was a man of God with a Big Heart. He dedicated his life to serve the Lord and I think this dedication is translated into action of wanting to serve the people as well.”

Extending his congratulations to the RMLCF Team, he recalls that “even during his sickness, he had this very deep desire to reach out to those who need similar attention not just financially, but also emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. I am sure although he is not here today; he is going to very proud of it. This is such a wonderful platform and it’s going to change lives for families.”

Help fight unfought battles
Further pointing out that Nagaland has a very high rate of cancer, while citing the many stories he has heard, he also expresses that “there are many families in need but not been able to give the best, or not even the best but give their loved ones a proper opportunity to receive treatment and I think this foundation will reach out to those, and maybe it will help them fight unfought battles.”

Treatment, he notes is a big aspect of the recovery process, but asserting that patients also go through a lot of mental challenge, he states happiness for the fact that the Foundation is looking at reaching out to them not only financially but mentally, emotionally and spiritually as well. During this time of pandemic, where there is a lot of negativity, he expresses, “this is a place where we can have stories of positivity and stories of hope where people can come together and help them fight their battles that sometimes, cannot be fought alone.”

He says, “This can be a channel for people who want to help those in need” while exuding his firm belief that “in helping others, it will also be a blessing for each one of us who help. It will also make the givers, better people and I sincerely believe that in serving those in needs, we are serving our Lord as well.”

“I just wish aunty Khrienuo and the children and the team the very best. I am confident this will go a long way in changing the lives of the people not just the patients but also the families and those who partake in this foundation,” he earnestly adds.