Scott Waugh shares why ‘Expendables’ franchise clicks with the audience

IANS Photo

IANS Photo

Mumbai, September 11 (IANS): Scott Waugh, the director of the upcoming film ‘The Expendables 4’, has deconstructed the reason behind the franchise behind such a big hit. The director has said that the reason the film franchise connects with the people at large is because of its tongue and cheek humour.

Talking about the franchise, Scott shared that the most fun part of this franchise is the actors who are really true to the action hero as everyone has their own accolades in action.

He said: “‘Expendables’ is a franchise where you come to have your coke and your popcorn, enjoy yourself,  you are looking at thrills, heart and also laughs.”

He further mentioned: “That is the triple threat of ‘Expendables’ and I feel we have been able to establish the fun factor in this movie, when you get to laugh, get to be on the end of your seat, but you also get to be rooting for these characters and embodied in the love story.”

“Expendables is that franchise that people love, because it is tongue and cheek.”

Sunil Udhani, Country Head , Multivision Multimedia India Pvt Ltd, who is releasing ‘The Expendables 4’ in India, said: “‘Expendables’ is one of the biggest movie franchise from independent Hollywood producers and we are proud to be associated with its all parts including the 4th one coming on September 22. We want ‘Expend4bles’ to reach out to all the Action movie lovers in India so we're releasing the movie with 2000 prints across all major languages”.

‘The Expendables 4’ is set to bow in Indian theatres on September 22.