September 1 is Mithun Day

Veterinary Hospital Kohima

Mithun, the state animal of Nagaland, has been officially recognised as a food animal by the FSSAI with effect from September 1, 2023. To commemorate this milestone, the ICAR NRC-Mithun has proposed to honour and establish Mithun day on September 1 every year.

The highest concentration of Mithun in the world is spread over North-East region of India wherein Nagaland ranks 2nd in position with a population of 23,123 as per the 20th Livestock census. Mithun plays an important role in the social, cultural and economic life of the Naga people. Ownership of Mithun is considered as a sign of prosperity and superiority of an individual in the Naga society. Till today Mithun is used as a barter trade in some villages of Nagaland.

Mithun meat (Weeshi) is considered to be more tender and superior over the meat of other bovine species. Mithun milk has high fat and protein content. Also, the leather produced from the skin of Mithun is of superior quality. They are very well suited to our local environment and they also exhibit more disease resistance and due to its outstanding work power, Mithun can be used for various agricultural operations, land management and pulling cart in the hilly areas. They are eco-friendly and can be an eco-tourist attractive animal.

Keeping in view the dwindling population of Mithun over the years, it is of great priority for Nagaland to conserve and propagate quality Mithun germplasm. This can be achieved by educating and sensitizing the local communities and wider public about the importance of Mithun conservation as they are closely associated with the Mithun.

Happy Mithun Day!