Shops in Kohima witness lesser footfall

Many important commercial centres in the main town in Kohima registered low customer turnout over the past few days. (Morung Photos)

Many important commercial centres in the main town in Kohima registered low customer turnout over the past few days. (Morung Photos)

Timing changes, ‘Odd-Even’ system among reasons 


Chizokho Vero
Kohima | June 28

The state capital Kohima has been witnessing minimal shoppers over the past few days.

Apparently, the fall in footfalls resulted following the permission of the commercial establishments to remain open on all weekdays (Monday to Saturday) from 7: 00 AM to 4: 00 PM.

This has brought down the rush and crowded shopping in many areas of Kohima city.

Many important commercial centres in the main town registered low customer turnout ever since the order for opening of shops on all weekdays was issued by Kohima Deputy Commissioner on June 18.

A shopkeeper told The Morung Express that few number of customers visit his outlet these days.

An observer felt that the implementation of ‘Odd-Even’ system in Kohima was another factor for lesser shoppers as it has brought about low vehicular movement since the order was issued on June 19 by Kohima Police.

Meanwhile, in pursuance with the instructions of the district administration, Kohima Municipal Council (KMC) and Kohima Chamber of Commerce & Industries (KCCI), many shops in Kohima put in place all Corona virus precautions including social distancing protocols and sanitary practices.

Shops are now restricting the entry of customers without mask.

‘No Mask No Entry,’ ‘No Mask No Service,’ ‘No Mask No Petrol/Diesel’, etc., are some commonly seen signage.

It may be recalled that Kohima DC in an order, advised multi-brand and single brand stores to use all precautionary measures like masks, sanitizers, thermal screening, safety kits etc and asked them to entertain only minimum number of customers at a time.

The general public has been advised to have a pre-planned/prepared list of shopping in advance to avoid crowding during marketing.

It also called for maintenance of proper social distancing at all times.

Shopkeepers have been directed to mandatorily keep hand sanitizer/hand wash in all shops/complexes.

Customers without masks should not be entertained by shopkeepers, the order stated.

It also directed that all shopkeepers should compulsorily maintain limited entry of customers in their respective shops as per the size of the shop for social distancing at all times.

The use of mask in public places is mandatory. Defaulters shall be strictly punished as per law, the order stated.

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