Simple Nature


Madovi David

Asst Prof Dept of Chemistry, St Joseph's College (Autonomous) Jakhama

Dictionary defines ‘nature’ as “The natural world that consists of all things i.e. the natural environment”. But nature defines itself as the sustainer of all things (breathing as well as non-breathing).With time and its natural selection this world has seen different beings ‘come and go’; andit has its own ways and time of progressing in any aspect of its capacity.Nature provides every needs of humans and it has proven itself through the ages. Man has learnt to cope with nature wherever they go, or on the other hand nature has actually taught man to cope and survive wherever they go.

This very nature as stated above is in the progressive path of destruction not by itself but by the doings of humans, sadly it is being led rather destructively in the category of endangered or extinct perceptively. The levels of poor air quality, water infestation, deforestation, industrialization, disposal of wastes, melting of ice caps etc has been increasing rapidly and it is also a very well known mass activity. Technologically man is trying to improve one’s own lifestyle but is it really necessary? While talking about advancements in the tech’s world it is also seen that the side affects is also increasing with demands of medical experts, physically or mentally fit problems, experts advising in staying away from the screens etc. If nature fades, it still produces beneficial by-products but does this tech fade?  No doubt technology is making our lives easier and giving a better platform in connectivity or in progression of various fields, but besides these platforms we are also forgetting that nature is also vanishing. Come what may what nature provides may not be replaced by technologies in some instants. 

Experts in various medical fields may have their own speciality in dealing with their clients, but a walk or exposure to nature will definitely be in their lists of prescription because it not only helps in wellbeing but reduces stress, anger management, blood level controls, depression fights etc. Nature has provided in all aspects; say air (atmosphere), land (lithosphere) and water bodies (hydrology) and making use of the existence will only be beneficial. When humans get sick it uses nature or its products as a treatment but we all know that these nature is also sick and are we humans giving them a fair treatment?Are we improving their existence or are we making them more sick? The alarming pace at which this nature is depleted is only leading to a verge where destruction of humans is demeaned. The comfort that nature is providing now is making us all about them but lessons taught by them also come with a great cost and such examples have taken place all over the world. 

This world is still in the point where the nature can be taken care, protected a little more andall humans need to do is to take a little care of our mother nature or the future may not be as green as it is now.