Social worker offers free transportation for patients in Mon

Social worker offers free transportation for patients in Mon
Social worker offers free transportation for patients in Mon

Morung Express News
Kohima | April 27

H A Hongnao Konyak, a Mon-based social worker is providing free transportation service to patients in Mon town. With the nationwide lockdown for over a month, Hongnao felt that he had wasted a lot of days and nights staying at home doing nothing. 

Desiring to be of service to his society, he contacted the District Task force in Mon town and enquired whether he could offer free services to the front line workers and patients. 

With all the transportation services restricted, Hongnao had come to know of the hardships faced by several patients from a relative who was a medical practitioner. 

“I was told that people were compelled to carry the patient to the hospital by foot, and even after discharge. So, I thought I must come forward and assist,” he said. 

Taking permission from the Mon Deputy Commissioner and Hospital authorities, the Social worker started the community service on Sunday where he has been able to assist 15 patients till date. 

Hongnao also informed that some of the front line workers are also assisting patients in the transportation service. 
Mon town currently has two hospitals, a private and a government hospital where Hongnao is offering his service in both hospitals. The response has been overwhelming for Hongnao, as people called him to thank him for his services as well as pray for him. Even more significant is the first call he received. 

“The first call I receive early in the morning, was someone who asked me for my account number to support me financially but I declined. If need be, I will ask for help but for now, I am able to manage on my own," Hongnao maintained. 
A family man with three kids, Hongnao’s community service has also set an example for his children. 

"My children are happier than I am," he divulged. And perhaps the best part of his service is returning home, to find his children waiting outside their home with soap, water and hand sanitizers.