Speech of his Excellency, the Yaruiwo, Isak Chishi Swu on occasion of the 66th Naga Independency Day celebration

Praise the Lord! Praise the Lord! Praise the Lord!

My dear countrymen,
Greetings to all of you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

On this day I once again pay homage to all those martyrs for the cause. It is the precious blood of the martyrs that has brought the Naga issue to the highest platform. They will always be in our fond memories.

There is a purpose of God for the Naga people and what He has given to us is the most precious. In the beginning we did not realize what was best for us, but today we are the master of our own destiny as we are clear about our history and our political rights. We praise the NNC and AZ Phizo for their part in contributing towards that consciousness and oneness amongst the Naga people.

In spite of the enormous hurdle and trails we faced over the years of our struggle on account of our own imprudent decisions including the treacherous 1975 Shillong Accord we emerged triumphant condemning it and have reached a very crucial stage in our history today. This is our greatest victory and it is imperative that we should not repeat the old mistakes that were committed by our leaders sometime in the past.

I therefore give my thanks to all the people who stood with us throughout all the years of trails and ordeals that had rocked Nagalim a number of times. I give my revolutionary salute to all the Commanders and the National workers in common cause. On account of your steadfast loyalty the Naga nation has withstood the test of times.

The steps taken by the NSCN in the past 16 years of political negotiation with the GoI demonstrates our respect for the Naga people and our history. We have not wavered and we will be steadfast to the end. The NSCN is earnestly committed to the Naga people and we will endeavor to bring about an honorable political solution that is also acceptable to both the parties. We have not shied away from any confrontation when the rights and existence of the Nagas were at stake.

Today, the GoI acknowledges that military solution cannot solve the Naga issue and consequently they have taken the political approach. Since August 1, 1997 the GoI and the National Socialist Council of Nagalim (NSCN) embarked on a political negotiation at the highest level, without pre-condition and outside India in a third country and subsequently, after nearly five years of political negotiation GoI officially recognized the “Unique history and situation” of the Nagas. Today, the GoI is committed towards a negotiated political settlement based on that recognition. We see great wisdom in the leadership of India. It is time for the leadership of both the parties to be strongly committed and exercise courage for the crucial task ahead of us.

We are touched by the overwhelming support of the Naga people led by the Naga Hoho for an early political solution to the more than 60 years old Indo-Naga issue. The resolution of the Joint Legislators Forum (JLF) of the Nagaland Legislative Assembly appealing both the parties to expedite the political dialogue is a step in the right direction. We deeply value such wisdom exercised by you all. We are also truly indebted to all the conscientious individuals, organizations and people in India and outside who are sincerely giving their support for peaceful and honorable political solution between India and the Nagas.

The NSCN is clear in our commitment for reconciliation amongst the Nagas but it must be based on a correct foundation. We have not gone back on our commitment. However, it must be understood that the initiative of reconciliation slowed down on account of the lack of sincerity from the other groups. We sincerely appreciate the facilitating role of the Forum for Naga Reconciliation and it must see to it that the process reach its logical conclusion based on realistic foundation that respects and upholds the “Unique history of the Nagas” and in the name of the Jehovah. We will leave no stone unturned for such reconciliation. Reconciliation is for solution and it should not be a roadblock to solution.

The two parties are undoubtedly closer to each other and we assure you that we are serious and committed enough towards finding an honorable political solution. It would be prudent to ensure an honorable political solution without delay: the earlier, the better. Therefore, both the parties must exercise deep wisdom at this important juncture and make certain that no extraneous forces are allowed to jeopardize the political negotiation between the GoI and the NSCN.

Countrymen, Jehovah raised us up to this level because of our faith in Him. Therefore, it would be the most foolish thing to forget after all what He has done for the Naga nation. Yet, today we are backsliding and have become disobedient and rebellious in our ways. The only way out is to return to Him in repentance and then only He will heal us and our land.

My dear countrymen, your collective support and single-minded commitment, crowned with the blessings and the mercy of Jehovah will surely see us through the final stage of the political negotiation. We once again assure the Naga people that in the event of an impending final negotiated political solution between the GoI and the NSCN we will come to you.

Kuknalim and may God bless you all.