The spirit of humanity amidst a pandemic

The spirit of humanity amidst a pandemic
The spirit of humanity amidst a pandemic

Jenny's daughter helps her with baking goodies for the neighbours.


Atono Tsükrü Kense
Kohima | April 27 

The ramification of the COVID-19 outbreak has been overwhelming, which has made many sad, depressed and lonely affecting individuals and society in many aspects.

Every individual reacts differently to strenuous situations. These difficult times have also rekindled the spirit of humanity, compassion and love among many. While most people choose to sit back, some with magnanimous hearts have ventured out to extend a helping hand by reaching out to others in need.

As each day brings depressing data and figures of fatalities from across the globe, here in Nagaland, people have started to acclimatize to this ‘new way of life’ of giving back and being kind to others. Here are some inspiring stories of some individuals, who have stepped up to bring a ray of hope by exhibiting their love, care and helping others during this pandemic.


Antimicrobial soap to every household
A doctor from Rüzaphema village under Medziphema sub-division has come up with a novel initiative of distributing antimicrobial soap to every household in the village.

Dr. Mechüsielie Kehie, founder of Sustainable Development Research Centre, Chumoukedima narrated that since people in his village could not access the market due to the lockdown, and keeping in mind the importance of handwashing, he along with his brother came up with the idea of making antimicrobial soap.

Their initial plan of manufacturing hand sanitisers could not materialize as they couldn’t get the chemicals required for the same due to the lockdown.

However, he said, the hand washing soaps were prepared using bioactive extracts of medicinal plants which are locally available such as neem, soapnut and aloevera extracts which are known to possess antimicrobial activity. 

“We thought we will make use of our little scientific knowledge and contribute to our society during this difficult time” said Dr. Kehie.


Reaching the unreached
A district administrator has been handing out basic dry rations to the unreached in the villages. When contacted, the person who wants to maintain a low profile said, he is doing what he is supposed to do in the least way possible.

Even though the government is providing relief materials, it sometimes doesn’t reach the targeted group, he said and that with the help of some local contacts, he could identify some genuine people who are in dire need of basic essential commodities. This man has been silently helping the poor and needy in the area that he is posted.


Anonymous benefactor
An anonymous benefactor and his family has handed out food items for an orphanage in Chümoukedima, which was posted by the proprietor in social media. 

“Unknown to us, but he came and gave so many food items for our kids. No photos taken or contact number shared,” the proprietor said.

It was later known that the benefactor was one Sedevikho Tsükrü from Chumoukedima village, who contributed the food items. When contacted, Tsükrü opined that it was a small gesture from his family to give back to the people, and expressed discomfort to any kind of publicity.


Baked with love
Ever since the lockdown was imposed, a self-taught home baker, Jenny Kath who is also a mother from Kohima, has been distributing home baked snacks like cakes, croissants, donuts etc to her neighbours.

She has also been sharing some simple recipes in her facebook page for those enthusiastic and recreational bakers during this lockdown.

Speaking to The Morung Express, Kath who had gone through a difficult phase at one point of time said, “at times like this, what more can I do than to just give back a little love to the people who have reached out and supported me during my dark days.”