Spiritual Revival amid Physical Pandemic

Phuveyi Dozo
Naga United Village, Dimapur

COVID pandemic circumstance prevents Christians from gathering in church buildings for worship.  The Lord Jesus told us that we would have changed time and place to worship God (John 4:21-24).  Our church buildings are beautiful but our hearts are the temples of God (1Cor 3:16; 6:19; 2Cor 6:16) where God dwells. As branches, our hearts are intricately parts of the body of Jesus Christ as the true vine (John 15:5-6). Spiritual supply comes from the main trunk, Jesus Christ.  He is the living water.

The safety protocols are the preventive models which may not depart from us early; but rather, we have already come to an era of new normal model as ‘life’ with it.  Our former normalcy to return seems remote now.  In view of human uncertainty,  it is high time for us to seek God and prepare for any eventuality since our days are signaling the end time.  We live in a torn and wounded world now. In a time such as this, spiritual liberation becomes more crucial than physical circumvention. Human sufferings and frailty are virtual signs of and clarion call for spiritual revival amid COVID battle.

The power of God will give you a new perspective of lockdowns and enable you with new strength to continue the journey of COVID era and race.  It is God’s revival. 

It can happen when:
A person is willing to forgive others in Jesus name.
Individual desire and long for new life from wickedness. 
A family can get together on the center of the Bible.
There is forgiveness in family, church, society and nation.
There is joy and peace in inner heart with God.   
You have faith and confidence in God. 
Your inner slavery is liberated by Jesus Christ. 
The truth sets you free from guilty conscience.
Your heart is free from inner condemnation.

Forgiveness is the basis of revival.  Forgiveness means ‘I am sorry, forgive me’.  We must say ‘Sorry, forgive me’ to God as individuals.  We must say ‘Sorry, forgive me’ to each other.  New life comes when personal grudges are buried and incinerated in the power of God. This change does not happen in a hardened heart.  A stiffened heart suffers outside God’s sphere.  God has no room in a self-righteous heart. It is revival when there is room for God in you.

It is high time for the people in Nagaland to humble down, pray in repentance, and seek God.  The need is refreshing power of God as we walk through lockdowns and restrictions.  The need is the power and discipline of God in a moment such as this.  The need is forgiveness and peace of God instead political paper wars and rivalry guilt.  The need is the cleansing power of God as we wait for vaccines and antidotes.  The need is the wind of God to blow and wave off spiritual loathsome and heavy laden.

Revival is due. It is overdue. Think of a parent in relation to a child.  A parent knows the need of a child.  A child cries in time of need signaling the attention of its parent.  Similarly, God, in His sovereignty, revives His children.  Also, God listens to the submission of His children and heals them (2Chron 7:14).  It is like a two-way-traffic. Revival is not a religious gesture or ritual.  It is ‘inner change’ from genuine repentance.  It happens where you are.  It happens when you seek Him.  It is eternal issue that begins now.