Stand strong and resilient at all times

Akato Chophi
President, NSCN/GPRN

Hail Naga Patriotism!!
Hail Naga Nationalism!!
Hail My Comrades-in-Arms!!
Hail My Dearest Naga Brothers and Sisters!!

The History of Nagas has been handed down from generation to generation marked with both ups and downs, joy and tears and peace and war.

As has passed down to us by our predecessors, so must we also uphold and pass it on to our successors, lest we fall short of grace but which also serves us as a reminder as to who we Nagas really are.

The much powerful neighbouring nations, who massively outnumbered us in sheer military might aimed to subdue us to their will, but much to the dismay of the invading foes, that though they were armed to the teeth, failed to crush the spirit and the formidable hearts of our brave warriors, who in contrast were but armed with nothing than traditional spears and daos (machetes) and very few weapons and yet, there they stood their grounds in defiance, ready to defend our homeland to the last man standing and choosing to die than to yield, and for which eventually led to the Nagas’ declaration of freedom and for self determination on 14th August 1947.

Rejoice my fellow Nagas, for though we are but a small race of people and unbeknownst to many, yet here we still stands hitherto, proud and mighty with audacity and with no dearth betide as an indomitable force to be reckoned with, and the spirits of our ancestors, cheering us on, from far beyond their graves.

It is however, understood that, considering the contemporary times, the Nagas had also acknowledged GoI and some top Indian Military officials, who opined that, “Military campaign against Naga Issue will be a futile exercise but that which needs to be addressed Politically.”

The NSCN also profess in our own inherent instincts that in ‘Warfare’ there are no winners, but only losers.

Due to the armed conflict and the protracted political issue between GoI-Nagas, much has been lost, yet all is not lost and as we stand at the thresholds of the modern era, where ‘Warfare’ is being replaced by political negotiations and diplomatic ties, so does the Nagas, also had made our points clear, hence the ball is now in the court of GoI to displaying its sincerity and to make the call, as whether to hammering out a political solution, honourable and acceptable to all, or instead to procrastinate or to continue with the conflict.

Nevertheless, any kind of solution that is short of ‘National Principle and Traditional Values’ and without pragmatic approach will fail to produce any positive vibe, but rather will be mired with political ramifications.

Hence any ‘Political Blasphemy’ minus rationality and the application of the old school of thoughts of ‘the carrot and stick politic’ and a dog-eat-dog political design should be avoided at all costs.

Last but not the least, history has taught us that any political solution short of sincerity and honour, cannot be means to an end, and yet here we are, still witnessing and facing conflicts after conflicts from both outside and within, and hence I call upon all my comrades-in-arms, to continue to be on red alert at all times, to stand strong and resilient at all times, and to be prepared and ready at all times, to face any eventualities, come what may.

God Bless Nagas and Naga Nation