Step motherly treatment under NEC fund

I have the honour to state that, the North Eastern Council sponsored by the Government of India funded various developmental schemes/Projects for the North East Region. Normally, the annual Budget allocation of Rs. 500 crores placed for various schemes for the said regions.

It is with regret that I, I. Longkumer, North East Society (NGO) Chairman, have to appeal to the concerned section officer in-charge of NEC organization to implement the various scheme/project as per the Central Government direction and given equal fund for every state. It has been observed that, there was no equal justice distribution of fund in Schemes/projects taken up and recommended by the state government of Nagaland.

Hence, I appeal to the authority who have taken up step motherly treatment to the state of Nagaland on various schemes/projects under NEC fund to kindly respond. The concerned administrative authority should look into the matter on priority basis to bring up equal development of the North East Region and to fulfill the target of the Central Government for developing the region.

I. Longkumer
Chairman, North East Society