Jungmayangla Longkumer

Much has been said, many prayers offered, vigils conducted
Condemnation galore, outrage and outcry around the globe

Yet we do not know anything about the fate
Of the women stripped and paraded

Where are they now?
Are they safe?
Do they have a home to go to?
Are their lives still hanging on a balance?
Who is attending to their physical healing
Who will pay their medical bills?

Is there anyone wiping away their tears
And holding them as they fight off the living nightmare;
Or do they recoil from the human touch
And silently scream in agony
As they replay the horrors when
Their bodies and spirits were defiled

How many broken bones have they suffered..
Bodies riddled with painful lacerations-
Can they sleep, eat, function at all…

The darkness of each new day
Sapping away every ounce of strength
How will they reset their lives now…

They remain “Manipur women assaulted”
Just victims, with no justice…
Their lives shattered and broken into a million shards
Stripped of everything human.