• U.S. and Baltic states oppose Russian 'rewriting of history'
    VILNIUS (Reuters): The United States joined Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia on Thursday in opposing any Russian attempts to rewrite history after President Vladimir Putin said the Baltic states had consented to their 1940 annexation by the Soviet Union. "We stand firmly against any attempts by Russia to rewrite history in order to justify the 1940 occupation and annexation of the Baltic states by the Soviet Union," U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo wrote in a joint st
  • Streams of acid from abandoned Russian mine burn mountains yellow and red
    MOSCOW, July 23 (Reuters): Russian prosecutors have launched an investigation into a toxic leak from a mine abandoned 16 years ago in the Ural mountains, after images from the area showed a landscape burnt bright shades of red and yellow by streams of chemical waste. The mine and its impact on the surrounding area came to renewed public attention this year after a popular blogger shared pictures of the site. Russian prosecutors in the region said they are investigating the e
  • PM Johnson says Britain was not influenced by Russia in Brexit vote
    LONDON, July 22 (Reuters): Prime Minister Boris Johnson rejected on Wednesday any suggestion that Britain's vote to leave the European Union had been influenced by Russian interference. A day after a report by parliament's intelligence and security committee said the government had failed to try to find out whether Russia had meddled in the Brexit vote, Johnson's government doubled down on its refusal to launch a review. Instead, the government said it had taken
  • Russia sentences historian of Stalin-era crimes to 3.5 years in jail - Ifax
    MOSCOW, July 22 (Reuters): A Russian court on Wednesday sentenced Yuri Dmitriev, a historian of Stalin-era crimes who was charged with sexually abusing his adopted daughter, to three and a half years in prison, the Interfax news agency cited his lawyer as saying. The verdict was closed to the public and full details of the court's ruling were not immediately clear. Viktor Anufriev, his lawyer, was cited as saying that he expected Dmitriev to be freed later this year due
  • UK says there is no evidence of Russian meddling in Brexit vote
    LONDON, July 22 (Reuters): There is no evidence of Russian meddling in the 2016 Brexit referendum and Britain's spies did not take their eyes off the ball on Russia, British Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said on Wednesday. The British parliament's intelligence and security committee said in a report published on Tuesday that Russia had interfered in the 2014 Scottish independence referendum but it had not seen hard evidence of Russian meddling in the Brexit vote.
  • UK government failed to find out whether Russia meddled in Brexit vote - report
    LONDON, July 21 (Reuters): Britain's government failed to find out whether Russia meddled in the 2016 referendum on membership of the EU, a parliamentary report released on Tuesday said, saying the intelligence services should investigate and make their findings public. The long-anticipated report by parliament's intelligence and security committee found that Russia had tried to influence a separate referendum in 2014 when voters in Scotland rejected independence.
  • Russia meddled in Scottish vote, unclear on Brexit - UK parliamentary report
    LONDON, July 21 (Reuters): Russia meddled in the 2014 Scottish referendum and the British government failed to ask for a deep assessment of possible Kremlin-directed interference in the Brexit vote, the British parliament's intelligence and security committee said. "There has been credible open source commentary suggesting that Russia undertook influence campaigns in relation to the Scottish independence referendum in 2014," the report, which was finished in March
  • Russia, despite theft allegations, says deal to make UK-developed COVID-19 vaccine is on
    MOSCOW, July 17 (Reuters): Russia will unveil a deal with AstraZeneca to manufacture a COVID-19 vaccine being developed by the pharmaceuticals giant and Oxford University, its wealth fund head said on Friday, adding this showed Moscow had no need to steal vaccine data.   Britain, Canada and the United States said on Thursday that hackers backed by the Russian state were trying to steal COVID-19 vaccine and treatment research from academic and pharmaceutical institutions
  • UK says Russia tried to meddle in election by leaking U.S. trade documents on social media
    LONDON, July 16 (Reuters): Britain said on Thursday that Russia sought to interfere in the 2019 general election by illicitly acquiring sensitive documents relating to a planned free trade agreement with the United States and leaking them on social media.   "It is almost certain that Russian actors sought to interfere in the 2019 General Election through the online amplification of illicitly acquired and leaked Government documents," Foreign Secretary Dominic
  • Report on Russian influence in UK politics to be published soon
    LONDON, July 16 (Reuters): A long-delayed report into Russian influence in British politics will be published in the next week, parliament's intelligence and security committee agreed on Thursday, a day after a dispute over the appointment of its chairman.   The committee, which oversees the work of Britain's intelligence community, has been in focus since the publication of the report into Russian influence was delayed by last year's election, and the appoi
  • Russia 1st nation to finish human trials for Covid-19 vaccine
    Moscow, July 12 (IANS) Russia has become the first nation to complete clinical trials of Covid-19 vaccine on humans, and the results have proven the medication's effectiveness, the media reported on Sunday.   Chief researcher Elena Smolyarchuk, who heads the Center for Clinical Research on Medications at Sechenov University, told Russian news agency TASS on Sunday that the human trials for the vaccine have been completed at the university and they will be discharged soon
  • Syrian, Russian airstrikes in Idlib amount to war crimes, as do jihadist attacks - U.N.
    GENEVA, July 7 (Reuters): Syrian and Russian planes have carried out deadly aerial strikes amounting to war crimes on schools, hospitals and markets in Idlib province, U.N. investigators said on Tuesday in a report that also condemned attacks by jihadist fighters.   They said that "indiscriminate bombardment" by pro-government forces, ahead of a March ceasefire brokered with Turkey, claimed hundreds of lives and forced nearly one million civilians to flee, whi
  • Russian journalist found guilty of justifying terrorism, but avoids jail
    PSKOV, Russia, July 6 (Reuters): A Russian court pronounced journalist Svetlana Prokopyeva guilty of justifying terrorism on Monday, but unexpectedly let her off with a fine, ending a trial her supporters said illustrated growing censorship.   The state prosecutor had asked the court in the western city of Pskov to jail Prokopyeva for six years and to ban her from journalism for four years. She denied the charge and said she had been put on trial for doing her job. &
  • Putin says Russians voted 'with their hearts' to let him extend rule
    MOSCOW, uly 3 (Reuters): President Vladimir Putin said on Friday Russian society had shown unity by voting to back reforms allowing him to stay in power until 2036 and that Russians had felt the need for the changes in their hearts.   Putin, 67, also decreed the constitutional amendments would enter force on July 4 after they were backed by almost 78% of Russians, according to official results, in a week-long vote that ended on Wednesday.   The Kremlin has ha
  • Kremlin calls vote allowing Putin to rule until 2036 a triumph as Russians ponder his next move
    MOSCOW, July 2 (Reuters): The Kremlin said Russians had shown how much they trusted President Vladimir Putin with a nationwide vote that gave him the right to run for two more terms while people wondered on Thursday whether he really would stay on until 2036.   Announcing final results of the week-long vote, officials said nearly 78% of voters had backed changes to the constitution allowing Putin, whose fourth term as president ends in 2024, to run for two more back-to-
  • Russians grant Putin right to extend his rule until 2036 in landslide vote - initial results
    MOSCOW, July 1 (Reuters): Russians appeared to have paved the way for Vladimir Putin to stay in power until 2036 by voting overwhelmingly for a package of constitutional changes which will also boost pensions, initial results of a nationwide vote showed on Wednesday.   Partial results, announced five hours before polls closed, indicate the former KGB officer who has ruled Russia for more than two decades as president or prime minister will win the right to run for two m
  • Russia's Putin urges Turkey, Iran to help promote dialogue in Syria
    MOSCOW, July 1 (Reuters): Russian President Vladimir Putin told his counterparts from Turkey and Iran on Wednesday that there was a need for peaceful dialogue between the opposing forces in Syria's civil war.   Putin also told Turkey's Tayyip Erdogan and Iran's Hassan Rouhani in a televised video conference that hot spots of terrorism still remain in Syria's Idlib and other regions.   "An inclusive inter-Syrian dialogue should be actively
  • Vote that could extend Putin's rule culminates as Russians get cash payments
    MOSCOW, July 1 (Reuters): Russians with children received cash payments on Wednesday on the final day of a vote on constitutional changes that could allow Vladimir Putin to stay in power until 2036.   State exit polls have suggested the changes will be backed by over two thirds of voters, who have been encouraged to vote with prize draws offering flats and an ad campaign highlighting other amendments designed to appeal to the populace.   One amendment guarant
  • White House to brief Democrats on alleged Russian payments to kill U.S. troops
    WASHINGTON, June 30 (Reuters): The Trump administration has been preparing to react if necessary to intelligence that Russia allegedly paid the Taliban to kill U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan, President Donald Trump's national security adviser said as the White House prepared on Tuesday to brief Democratic lawmakers on the matter.   "The Administration, including the National Security Council staff, have been preparing should the situation warrant action,&quo
  • Putin, promising stability, tells Russians to vote for changes that could extend his rule
    MOSCOW, June 30 (Reuters): Vladimir Putin on Tuesday urged Russians to vote for constitutional changes that would allow him to run again for president twice, calling the reforms a guarantor of stability, security and prosperity.   Putin made his appeal at the scene of a bloody World War Two battle between the Red Army and the Nazis on the eve of the main and last day of a seven-day nationwide vote that will change the constitution for the first time since 1993.