• Revealed: the darkness behind the beauty of Britain's great houses
    LONDON, September 22 (Reuters): Feted for their fine architecture and often used as lavish backdrops for period movies, Britain's great estates came under the spotlight on Tuesday for a darker reason: their links to colonialism or slavery. The National Trust, which runs some 300 heritage buildings, said about a third of them had past owners who had profited from slavery, opposed its abolition, been involved in colonial expansion or administration or promoted imperialism.
  • No pay, no freedom: Brazil struggles to rescue maids from slavery
    RIO DE JANEIRO, August 13 (Thomson Reuters Foundation): Whenever Elisa goes out in her small town in northeastern Brazil, she fears seeing the family she once considered her own. After almost three decades of domestic work with no pay and little freedom, Elisa realized she was a slave and plotted to escape the household where she had lived since the age of seven. The 38-year-old was rescued in 2018 after alerting the authorities and has started to build a new life. But a rem
  • 'Sorry is not enough', Caribbean states say of British slavery apologies
    LONDON, June 19 (Reuters): British financial institutions that benefited from slavery such as Lloyd's of London should go further than saying sorry for their role in the Atlantic slave trade and atone for their sins by funding Caribbean development, the region's countries said.   More than 10 million Africans were shackled into the Atlantic slave trade by European nations between the 15th and 19th centuries. Those who survived the often brutal voyage, ended up t