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  • Marathon vote on extending Putin's rule begins amid coronavirus epidemic
    MOSCOW, June 25 (Reuters): Russians began casting ballots on Thursday in a vote that could clear the way for President Vladimir Putin to stay in the Kremlin until 2036 if re-elected, a process that critics say is a constitutional coup.   Some election officials wore full protective suits, gloves and masks, and took voters' temperatures as seven days of voting got under way across the world's largest country.   Opponents have complained about the safet
  • Putin hasn't ruled out running for new presidential term
    Moscow, June 22 (IANS): Russian President Vladimir Putin has not ruled out that he will run for a new presidential term if such a constitutional amendment is adopted, the media reported.   "I have not made any decision so far. I'm not ruling out that I will stand for (election) if this emerges in the Constitution. We'll see," TASS News Agency quoted the President as saying in a TV interview aired on Sunday.   The Russian leader cautioned official
  • Russia's Putin says he may seek another term if constitutional changes passed
    MOSCOW, June 21 (Reuters): Vladimir Putin is considering running for a new term as Russia's president if voters approve constitutional changes that would enable him to do so, Russian news agencies quoted him as saying in an interview on Sunday.   Russia will hold a nationwide vote from June 25 to July 1 on proposed changes to the constitution, including an amendment that would allow Putin to seek two more six-year terms as president when his current mandate ends in
  • Putin uses WW2 anniversary to push idea of Russian-backed summit to stabilise world
    MOSCOW, June 19 (Reuters): President Vladimir Putin has called on the leaders of the five permanent members of the U.N. Security Council to make good on an agreement to hold a face-to-face summit to try to tackle the world's problems as soon as possible.   Putin made the appeal in an article in English published late on Thursday in American international affairs magazine The National Interest in which he examined the events of World War Two ahead of a Red Square par
  • US riots symptom of deep-rooted crisis: Putin
    Moscow, June 15 (IANS): The ongoing riots in the US show deep-rooted internal crises in this country, Russian President Vladimir Putin said in an interview.   "What has happened (in the US) is the manifestation of some deep domestic crises," TASS News Agency quoted Putin as saying in the interview on Sunday where he added that this crisis had been observed for a long time since his US counterpart Donald Trump assumed office in 2017.   "When he won,
  • Putin appeals to Russians' core values as vote on extending term looms
    MOSCOW, June 12 (Reuters): President Vladimir Putin appealed to what he termed Russians' core values on Friday, the country's national day, as he sought to rally support for a vote on constitutional reforms that could potentially keep him in office until 2036.   The plebiscite will run from June 25-July 1 and, if approved, includes a change that would allow 67-year-old Putin, in power since 1999, to serve two more six-year terms in the Kremlin after 2024, when h
  • Kremlin foes say handouts aim to lure voters to extend Putin's rule
    MOSCOW, June 11 (Reuters): Moscow said on Thursday it would hand out shopping vouchers to people who take part in a vote on reforms that could let Vladimir Putin extend his rule, an offer critics denounced as a crude tactic to boost turnout.   Russians are set to vote on June 25-July 1 to approve or reject changes to the constitution including one that would allow Putin, in power since late 1999, to serve two more six-year terms in the Kremlin instead of stepping down i
  • Putin's foes divided over Russian vote that could extend his rule
    MOSCOW, June 10 (Reuters): President Vladimir Putin's opponents agree a nationwide vote next month that could extend his rule is a sham, but are split over whether to campaign for a "No" vote or call for a boycott.   In the July 1 vote, Russians will vote to approve or reject constitutional reforms including a change that would allow Putin to serve two more six-year terms, if re-elected, instead of stepping down in 2024.   Putin's approval r
  • Putin declines British invitation to take part in coronavirus summit - Kremlin
    MOSCOW, June 3 (Reuters): Russian President Vladimir Putin does not plan to take part in an online summit on a possible coronavirus vaccine being organised by the British government this week, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Wednesday.   Putin received an invitation to take part in the summit from British Prime Minister Boris Johnson last week, the Kremlin had said.    Scheduled to take place on June 4, the Global Vaccine Summit 2020 is designed
  • Russian strategic document names strike weapons deployed in space as key military threat - RIA
    MOSCOW, June 2 (Reuters): President Vladimir Putin approved a strategic document on Tuesday naming the creation and deployment of anti-missile and strike weapons in space as one of the main military threats to Russia, the RIA news agency reported.   The document outlining Russia's policy on its nuclear deterrent was published online amid arms control tensions between Russia and the United States over the future of New START, the last major pact regulating their nucl
  • Russia to vote on July 1 on constitutional changes that could extend Putin's rule
    MOSCOW, June 1 (Reuters):  Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Monday a nationwide vote on constitutional reforms will be held on July 1, announcing a new date for a delayed ballot that could extend his rule until 2036.   Putin postponed the original vote, which had been set for April 22, because of the coronavirus outbreak, saying the health and safety of citizens was his top priority as the global coronavirus pandemic worsened.   But he told a gov
  • We're against outside interference in country's matters: Modi
    Russian President Vladimir Putin and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi visit Zvezda shipyard, accompanied by Rosneft Russian oil giant chief Igor Sechin, ahead of the Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok, Russia on September 4. (Alexander Nemenov/Pool via REUTERS)   Vladivostok, September 4 (IANS): With Russian President Vladimir Putin by his side, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday said that both of them were against any "outside intervention"