Tax! Tax! Tax! Time to put an end to lazy parasites in Nagaland!

Yanpvuo Kikon: EVERYBODY IS A VICTIM OF ILLEGAL TAXATION! Under which Govt ACT/RULE are the police, motor vehicle associations, municipal & town councils (Besides local levies outside the purview of Central taxes under any statute) empowered to collect tax in this age of GST?  

In addition to these questionable Govt taxes, comes the NPG underground taxes! Imagine one truck will pay upto Rs20,000 as tax just to enter Nagaland! Now calculate how many trucks ply on these roads.  

NO WONDER ALL OUR LOCAL FARMERS AGRO-PRODUCE ARE ROTTING IN VILLAGES DUE TO UNAFFORDABLE TRANSPORT, ILLEGAL TAXES & THIRD CLASS ROADS, while we continue eating expensive sub-standard foods produced from God knows how & where!  

NO WONDER Nagaland is becoming an unliveable place where only IBI’s, crooks and dacoits who have no values, integrity and honesty can thrive and progress. This is no more a land where the hard working, honest and meritorious individual can become successful and build a better Nagaland.  

The Act East Policy is already bypassing Nagaland and we will become a miserably poor state if we continue to let greedy leaders who have absolutely no concern for our people but only money and power rule this land while neighbouring states are progressing far ahead of us in every aspect!   Now all these traders & transporters bringing goods to Nagaland will happily pay these taxes because they can use this as an excuse to sell the items at higher cost and earn more profit.  

WHO LOSES AT THE END? WE THE PUBLIC paying exorbitant price in this unregulated land we call Nagaland!  

TIME TO PUT AN END TO ALL THIS NONSENSE & STRIKE WITH AN IRON FIST TO PUNISH THESE CROOKS SELLING OFF OUR GENERATION FOR THEIR GREED OF MONEY! All Naga citizens should come forward & support Nagaland Voluntary Consumers’ Organisation (NVCO) and other organisations in their fight to protect our land from becoming a land of illegal taxes! This is a step towards re-building this deteriorating state.

Chozhule Kikhi: A cabbage farmer from phek bringing his produce to Dimapur pays gate tax at various points amounting to not less than Rs 3500/- per Tata mobile trip (personnel interaction with farmers). Now calculate production cost, transport cost, farmer’s wage in marketing, foods etc? All his profits is eaten by parasitic gate tolls and the hard working farmers gets no profit. This episode I’ve highlighted in Ura Academy FM radio talk program. But who cares! We have the weakest policies. We need people development oriented policies but political development / solution has overridden all our basic rights to its citizens, sons and daughters of the soil.  

Am also told every police man is eyeing to be posted at the check gates. Oh! God! Save our poor hard working farmers who work from dawn to dusk and still remain marginal /poor unlike farmers from Punjab, who controls politicians!  

Vikhrulu Pohena: Well stated bro. I truly salute your write up. Once upon a time, everyone alleged UG for their illegal taxes collection. however, today in our society we have so many new factional taxes collection coming up like NGOs, Municipal, Police, govt etc. So in this juncture every right thinking citizens must voice out & remove those illegal taxes collection which we had been facing problems in our society today, because this can make adversely affects to our local businessmen also path the way to rise prices & creating more burdens in our society in many ways.  

Citing example even carrying cabbage Tata Mobile trip from Zhavame P.O Pfutsero to Kohima, we have to pay at least Rs 1500-2000 gate entry fees because bag cabbage charge Rs. 20 by Municipal & Youth organization and that's made loss to all ours profits. Moreover, sometimes we meet even harassment from those drunker gate keepers youth if we don't pay according to their demands.  

Chipen Patt: Taxes from different UG groups and Govt departments almost amount to same (UG’s tax are more)and this is the reason why none of our entrepreneurs are successful. Shame on them! SSC mechanism for meritocracy in Government jobs required.  

Kevitho Nightwing Kera: Don't we all realize that Nagaland is in a quagmire of wickedness because of backdoor appointments? Don't we realize that Departmental exams are a complete farce? Do we realize that Nepotism is one of the reason why Nagaland is mismanaged?  

Don't you know that many are serving in the government and they are unqualified? Hold on! Am not talking about educational qualifications when i say they are unqualified. A candidate in order to be deemed qualified has to sit for a proper examination and a proper interview and these examinations and interviews has to be fair and transparent. What is happening now is that all the departmental exams are manipulated right from the start.  

Many hard working and deserving candidates are deprived of their right to employment as guaranteed in the Constitution.  

Nagaland will only regress as long as backdoor appointments and nepotism continues. Let us not be apathetic with this cancer growing right in front of our eyes.  

One way of tackling it is what PSAN is demanding i.e bring all departmental recruitments under one statutory board, a Staff Selection Board manned by men of integrity. This will make sure nepotism is tackled in a big way. Let us give support to PSAN in their demand of setting up a Staff Selection Board.  

Once all departments are filled by qualified people, watch how corruption goes down, how work culture gets a boost and watch how real humans man the desks and not ' ghost ' employees.  

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