The Naga Students’ Federation extends warm greetings on the occasion of Teachers’ Day celebration 2023 to all the teachers across the Naga homeland. The Federation conveys our deepest appreciation on the role of teachers in imparting knowledge and inculcating the noble virtues of life in the hearts and minds of students to become responsible citizens. The efforts and hard work put in by teachers to adapt with the continuous cycle of education in keeping students engaged with their academic and other educational activities is well appreciated. As the Naga people aspire towards a vibrant Naga society, it is our confidence that our students’ community are in ‘noble and qualified’ hands which will usher the younger generation of Nagas into a new era of peace and prosperity. The Federation acknowledges the valuable contribution and selfless services of teachers to our students’ community and towards the society and, furthermore, wishes them success in the pursuit of their noble endeavor. Happy Teachers’ Day 2023.

Secretary Education, NSF

As the Nation observes Teacher’s Day with the Theme “Teachers at the heart of education recovery” the office of the All Sümi Students’Union (SKK) takes this opportunity to acknowledge and laud the noble services rendered by our Teachers towards building our society. Teachers are the guiding lights who lead the world on the path of knowledge and wisdom. Their dedication and hard work leave an indelible mark on our journey of learning. Let’s take a moment to appreciate and thank all our Teachers for their unwavering support and dedication. We appeal for your persistent commitment and accountability towards nurturing young minds. With Utmost respect, we wish all the Teachers a very Happy Teacher’s Day.

Nitoshe L Chishi 
Secretary Education and Statistical, SKK

A sincere note of gratitude to Little Buds School Administration and Teachers for loving us unconditionally and investing your life in us. Thank you so much for your godly care and concern, teaching us so lovingly and moulding our lives to face the future of uncertainties with certainty and hope. We feel so homely and peaceful in Little Buds environment. The School is growing from strength to strength, updating with the latest educational needs. The student monitoring system and activity updates through WhatsApp is praise worthy and wonderful. We are experiencing integral growth and learning in Little Buds School. Once again thank you so much dear Teachers. God bless you and wish you a Happy and Fulfilling Teacher's Day 2023.

From Liva & Jabez
On behalf of LBS students

The Zeliang Students’ Union Nagaland (ZLSU) expresses our sincere thanks and appreciation to all the dedicated teachers and educators who shape minds, inspire dreams, and ignite the spark of knowledge. Your tireless efforts, patience, and passion for teaching make a profound impact on countless lives. Your guidance and wisdom are the guiding lights that lead us towards a brighter future. Today, we celebrate you and all that you do. May your days be filled with joy, inspiration, and the satisfaction of knowing that you are making a difference in the world one student at a time. Here’s to the heroes of the classroom, the mentors of life, and the pillars of our society, “Happy Teacher’s Day”!

Kingsalt Hegwang 
President, ZLSU

Sanlakbo Namdau
General Secretary, ZLSU

As our Nation celebrates Teachers' Day, the Dimapur Naga Students Union also takes utmost pleasure in extending our gratitude and sincere appreciation to all the teachers in various schools, colleges and institutions across the State. Teachers are indeed the pillars of building a nation and the healthy foundation layers of society as well; their works are vital and regarded as a very noble profession. Therefore, we take pride in acknowledging their selfless contributions towards building a better society and educating the minds of all young and old. It is our sincere wish and prayer that God will endow the lives of all educators with well-being, wisdom, and growth as they continue to strive towards building the lives of the students. We celebrate the existence of all the teachers today. Happy Teachers Day.

Tesiding Newmai 
Secretary Education and Statistics, DNSU

Deputy Chief Minister, TR Zeliang, extended his warmth greetings to all the Teachers on the occasion of Teachers’ Day. Teachers’ Day is a special occasion to express one’s gratitude and appreciation to Teachers for their pivotal role in shaping the lives and future of every individual and reflect the impact of Teachers has in everyone’s lives. Teachers are the architects of society, and only by becoming a responsible and knowledgeable individuals, one can acknowledge and honoured their commitment to education. The contribution of teacher will be etched in the heart of every individual, TR Zeliang also said and wish all Teachers’ good health and a prosperous future.

Media Cell
Dy CM Office

Deputy Chief Minister Y Patton has greeted all the teachers on their special day. Patton said that teachers occupy a special place in the echelons of society, because they burn themselves out to give meaningful lives to others. On behalf of the state BJP legislators, the Dy CM salutes all the teachers and wishes them long and fulfilling lives.

Media Cell